Treasures of East Carolina University

1.) The Mall

At the heart of campus, the mall is one of the most beautiful aspects of East Carolina University. During warm days, the mall will be covered with students in hammocks, playing Frisbee, or just sitting outside soaking in the sun. Its aesthetics make it a desirable location for pictures. I am blessed to live so close to the mall, I walk by it every morning to class.

2.) Pirate Football

Whether you like football or not, pirate football is something to experience. There is nothing like a whole group of ECU students getting hype. The whole town takes football seriously. Even the Starbucks puts purple whipped cream in coffee the day before games. The entire stadium is packed in purple and gold. The traditions of ECU football are unforgettable. The song “Living on a Prayer” is always played and then cut off so that the entire stadium is chanting the song. If you love free t-shirts pick a seat at the end-zone. That way you can always try to catch a free t-shirt after every touchdown. (Don’t worry there will be many)

3.) The Greenway

If you are like me, you love nature. Living on campus surrounded by buildings and people consistently can be tiring. Sometimes I just need to get away. The greenway is the perfect place to do that. With over 6 miles of hiking area, it is a great place to leave campus and clear your head. I like to go for a run on the trail. It is only a short distance from campus, but you almost have to know it’s there to find it. So on the first week of school keep your eyes peeled.


4.) Chili’s

ECU is the only campus in the United States who has a Chili’s established on campus. The CEO of Chili’s is an ECU alumnus; therefore, through his generosity, he donated the Chili’s  on campus and made it part of our meal plans.


5.) Concerts

ECU is a busy campus. There is always something going on. Throughout the year, guests come to entertain ECU students at little or no cost. This year I got to see Lee Brice, and a couple years ago Jason Durulo came. You never know who you are going to see at ECU.

6.) Starbucks

All those late nights studying for exams, Starbucks has been my best friend. We have two Starbucks on campus and both are a part of our meal plan. I love going to the Starbucks in the library. It is such a great way to have a study break, and actually stay awake!


7.) Free Movies

There are countless movies showing in Hendrix theatre for no cost. Almost every weekend a new movie is playing. I don’t have my car on campus, so I wouldn’t be able to go to the movies with my friends. Not only that it is free to all ECU students, which is better than paying ten dollars or more in a movies theatre.


8.) Southern Hospitality

I never knew that holding doors was such a big deal at East Carolina University, but every time I walk into a building someone holds the door for me. It is expected that in return I supply a generous thank you in return. Most all of the staff I have encountered at ECU is super friendly and they go out of their way to ask about your day. Nothing beats the southern charm of ECU and of course the overuse of the word “y’all” and the saying “bless your heart”.



9.) Sound Columns

The sound columns that are placed outside of Joyner library are unforgettable once you walk under them. With changing sounds throughout the season, they always keep students guessing. During Halloween the columns make creepy noises as students set off its motion detector, and during exam times the columns play classical music to get students focused before entering the library to study.


10.) Sense of Community

East Carolina University is different than I imagined. I thought it would be big and intimidating, but I found the opposite. The campus is designed in a close-knit fashion that interlocks the students to feel a sense of community. Dorm living helps continue the sense of community on campus. My dorm is a learning living community for leadership and is one of the smallest dorms on campus. Because of this, I get to actually know everyone in my dorm, rather than them just be strangers that I see going to class.

Overall ECU has had hidden treasures I have found during my stay here. Colleges have so many resources available to their students. Take pride in the great school you attend. After all it’s a pirates life for me, savvy?