Even When God Says No

God is not a wishing granting factory 

“Okay, God I really need your help with this. You know what I am going through. So I just ask that you……………..”
My phone goes off. Of course my first thought is that God has opened up and opportunity for me, and that my problem is solved. Sadly it was just a friend asking if I was ready to go to dinner.
 I trusted so much that God would solve everything that I failed to realize the true purpose of trust. I trusted him to solve my problems, answer my prayers the way I expected, and ensure my success in the future. Trusting God when things are going my way is easy. I achieved an award, got a scholarship, and got great grades all thanks to God, right?  It is great to give God the glory when things work out, but it is also important to give God the glory when things don’t.Thank you God for allowing me to fail that test I really appreciate it. Thank you God for taking my Grandmother to heaven with you and not healing her when I wanted her on earth. Thanks God? We don’t really thank him for the hard times or when things don’t work out the way we want them to.  For a while I was bitter with God for not giving me something I had been in prayer about for some time. I was angry with him that he didn’t appease my heart. It was as if I woke up on Christmas morning to find Santa didn’t leave me anything. As a child I would have been so mad at Santa. Why did other kids get toys and not me? Why did God bless her or him and NOT me? But these thoughts are selfish, and they do not demonstrate knowledge of the complete wisdom of God. He is a genius and his wisdom far surpasses ours. Therefore, his plan is undoubtedly better than ours.
“The Lord is faithful and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one” 2 Thessalonians 3:3
“Consider is a pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverance. Perseverance must finish it work so that you be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2
I thought my prayer should be answered on my own time, when I expected it. But what I failed to see was the reason why God told me know was because he wanted me to stop focusing on so much what I wanted him to fix but just focus on him. God has been so faithful in answering my prayers, but sometimes his aren’t instant and sometimes he answers no. I have to be okay with that. Sometimes he tells us no so that we may learn to depend on him more, or practice patience waiting for his timing. Whatever the outcome he should be our steadfast not our circumstances. He is not our wish granting factory, he is our sovereign  God. We are supposed to serve him not the other way around. If God tells you no it is because it is a part of his plan.
Its time that we start praising God for the relationship that didn’t work out, the job we didn’t get, and the call we never got. God is faithful and he is working even when we believe he is silent. For four hundred years before Jesus was born God was silent. No miracles were performed. God was quiet. Many people questioned whether the Messiah was truly coming. Yet, during that time God was working on the genealogy of Jesus and the line of David. During the silence God was working relentlessly so that his will would be done. Even when God tells us no we should praise him because he has our best interest at heart. Being a Christian doesn’t mean our life is easier or that God will solve our problems, it means that we have peace and joy in our heart when things go completely wrong. What went wrong in your life that you are blaming God for? Whatever it is start praising him for it. Contentment is the key to happiness. Whatever God told you NO about just trust that his plan will not fail.


“Through it all my eyes are on you. It is well”. -It is Well (Bethel Music)
God I thank you for your perfect will, Thank you for listening and answering our prayers even if we don’t like the answer. We know you have our best interest at heart. We trust your plan. I pray that anyone reading this will be encouraged if they have also received a No response. Help us surrender to your answer to our prayers. I pray over everyone reading this that they may be blessed with encouragement.