A place where everyone meets

To reunite with a friend to greet

Or to from a lover to depart

And watch the sorrow of a lonely heart

Some coming, some going

Either one no way of knowing

Each stranger an air of mystery

Carries a suitcase stuffed with history

A set final destination so unique

Far from the movements of a fleet

My gaze floats around the room

Out the window zoom zoom zoom

Yet I sit in awe of those around me

With different paths, arrivals, and stories

Bonded in a moment of flying free

Maybe they too fell in love with the mystery

Catch flights, not feelings.


Anyone who knows me knows that airports are my happy place. Overpriced food, stuffed carry on bags, security lines a mile long. It is weird that airports of all the locations in the world are my happy place. Yet, ever since I was a little kid I loved everything about airports. I think it all started with my Grandpa Will (I call him Bubba). He was an extremely successful pilot for United Airlines.When he retired he was the number two pilot out of the eight thousand pilots that worked for United Airlines. Bubba would ramble off crazy stories from when he was a pilot. Traveling to unique places. Meeting celebrities and different people every flight.  His favorite place to visit Singapore. I think his stories are what started this infatuation I have with airports. The excitement, uncertainty, and spontaneity that airports provides gives me a satisfaction beyond all else. Just drop me drop me off at an airport and I will be a happy camper.

Just thought I would share a piece of my heart with you loves. Hope it made you all think of your own happy place.

Love, Morgan