Racing for More in My Life


Breathing in the cold air gave me a new sense of freshness. It was still early in the morning. Around 10 o clock when I finished. Completed. Succeeded in my first ever half marathon. My body hurt, but my mind was raging. All of a sudden the power that  had seemingly been stripped from me once before was regained. Those who had not believed in me seemed so far away. That morning I set out with one goal in mind–to finish the race and give it all my heart. Today this was my adventure.

It wasn’t easy getting there. I didn’t run the race without any training or preparation. It took time. It took work. However, when it came to race day, all of the work was worth it. I wasn’t the best. I certainly didn’t run the smoothest or have the best stride, but it was a success. I finished what I set out to do. No one could run the race for me. I had to run it myself. I had to endure the pain myself and believe in myself and my abilities completely.

Naturally this idea began to seep into other areas of my life. My work, school, and relationships. Nothing happens overnight. Results take time and practice. It’s never easy. There are so many days where I want to throw in the towel and give up completely on college, on relationships, on my job. But I know I am too strong to stop now.  There is something comforting about just letting the world happen around me. I feels good to sit back and let others do the difficult and challenging work, while I float along. This is when I thought to myself: how do I see myself being successful in five years, ten years, twenty years? What is it going to take for me to get there?

What I have discovered is that most of my life does not consist of big moments that lead to success but little moments that contribute to a greater achievement. Studying a little more for an exam, being a little more patient with people, giving more second chances, practicing a little more on my singing or speaking , running a little more than I did yesterday. These moments of doing more and being more than I thought I could be have led me to be successful. Success: An accomplishment of achievement or purpose. There are other areas in my life that need work and need more. 14910515_1149219618486986_5756282172597027570_n.jpgMore is only achievable through preparation, work ethic, and dedication. Preparation happens in the tiny moments when no one is looking or paying attention. These are the moments of struggle and strife that always pays off in the end. Worth ethic is admirable in any activity. Hard work is the difference between those who succeed and those who fail. Dedication is the final step to success and remaining engaged in the small activities that will lead to greater achievement. It is up to us which we choose to be: dedicated or apathetic. Because all of us will face race day. Either we finish or we won’t but if we want to BE MORE, we must DO MORE.

As a person who is a free spirit, a wandering soul, an adventurer. I often find myself living in the moment. Being impulsive, inconsistent, and unpredictable are usually how I end up spending my day. I enjoy living freely, recklessly, and fearlessly. Living in the moment is wonderful if you chose to spend your moments wisely. If I plan ahead of time days where I can live freely, recklessly, and fearlessly and days where I truly need to accomplish goals I can have both success and freedom. Living life with purpose is freeing. Living life with freedom gives us purpose. We all can be more. All it takes is being intentional about when to be inconsistent and when to be deliberate.

What area of your life do you want more in? Find this place you want to focus on and prepare, work, and dedicate your time to this area.  Then you can truly live an adventurous, wild life filled with freedom.