Knowing When to Jump


There are a lot of things in life that require jumping. Jumping rope, jumping out of a car (preferably not a moving car), jumping off cliffs, jumping down, jumping up, ect. In life we jump. Methaporically and physically. Sometimes we jump majors, career plans, partners, and towns. But sometimes we don’t jump. We stay put. Idle. At a complete standstill with our lives.Even if we know we are unhappy. Somehow we find ourselves staying put and complacent. Until years later its too late to jump. Our bodies are fragil and our minds no longer sharp. Our days are done and we never have the boldness or courage to jump.

“Freedom lies in being bold” -Robert Frost 

As we contemplate our lives there should one question asked. Should I jump? There are many reasons why people should jump. First off, if you are unhappy where you are. If you have worked the same job for ten years and find no joy or delight from what you are doing, why are you doing it? So many people are stuck with jobs they hate simply they never had the confidence or determination to jump. Its not easy leaving stability behind for uncertainty. But chasing our dreams will never include certainty. Have confidence that you have the capability of being successful after leaping into the unknown. Have determination that you will get there in time. Things take time. Be persistent and chase after what you want in a relentless pursuit.

“Don’t look for happiness create it”- Anonomous 

“Nothing is worth it if you arent’ happy”- Unknown 

Secondly, you should jump if you are stagnent. Progression is everything. No matter what you are doing if you are not progressing you are wasting you time. Time is precious because even know how much time we are given. In everything you do and every decision you make consider if you are progressing, or not. Even if I go to the gym and lift weight, or run, or whatever whatever I feel like working out that day I still feel like I a progressing. Because the work that I put today will pay off tomorrow and the days to come. So in your life act and behave in a way that is going to better you in long run. Progression satisfies. If you are sluggish and going through the same routine maybe its time to jump. Shake things up. Get moving. The time we have is precious. So don’t wast it being stagnent. Move. Change things up. Don’t be afraid to try something and make it better.

“Progress lies not what is but advancing towards what will be” – Khalil Gibran 

Thirdly, you should jump if you have lost your character. Who you are is so important. You might think that what you do have a direct reflection as to you are, but it does. When you become the person who cheats, lies,or  manipulates situations in order for person gain it is time to move.It is time to remember who you are. Circumstances can place pressure on us. Pressure to achieve something, be something, or do something. There are so many pressures that others around us will place on us. At first it is easy to stand your ground, but as time progresses you lose your identify in the midst of the crowd. And all the sudden you can’t find yourself. You don’t even know you like anymore. Who would you be without anyone around? Would you actually listen to that, watch that, or say that? Move somewhere you can be yourself, and your character can restored.

“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it easier to do it a second time”- Thomas Jefferson 

Lastly, you should jump if you are wild. Not the kind of wild that is sloppy at parties or inconsistent with employment. But wild at the core. Its time to jump if you are wild and  brave. If you have the audacity to jump fearlessly into the unknown of your wildest dreams its time. You don’t have to have the answers right now. You don’t have to have the answers tomorrow. But you do have to have the boldness to leap even when people don’t support you and even when jumping doesn’t make sense. No one has ever said, “I wish I hadn’t trusted my gut. No one ever says that, because the gut is usually right. We know when its time to be bold and courageous. Don’t settle for complacency but strive for a new place to see. A place that will expand your mind and way of thinking.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right”- Henry Ford 

My final thoughts. You are capable of having what you want. You already pocesss in your mind the ability to conquer adversities and go after what you want. It is possible. No matter how dumb you think you are, or how untalented you believe yourself to be, you are niether. You must believe in your own capabilites enough to strive for a change. You know yourself better than anyone else. Never accept what anyone says about you whether it is positve or negative. People are quick to share their opinions about your life, but they could not possibly know what you can or cannot do. They are not you. Often times we listen to the voices of others and the voice is our own mind goes silent. Protect your self-concept and don’t let external facors influence your assurance in yourself. If you know you can do it, then what are you waiting for. Its about taking calculated risks. Knowing what your limits are and knowing when to push through then. If you don’t like where you are move. Visualize in your mind right now what is it you are after. What does your future look like. Do you see it? Can you picture it? Now, go create it.

“When you are trying to motivate yourself, appreciate the fact that you’re even thinking about making a change. And as you move forward, allow yourself to be good enough” -Alice Domar 

Take aways:

Find something somewhere that makes you happy

Progression is everything 

Bravery will allow you to chase after your wildest dreams (never settle)

Believe in yourself enough to get there