Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is an iconic park in the United states known for its exploding gestures and skin peelingly warm hot springs. Just walking around the park there are tons of things I saw that I would never see elsewhere.



First off there are bears and buffalo just wandering around aimlessly. Tourist come from all over hoping to get a glimpse of the wildlife yellowstone has to offer.  Typically if you do not mess with them they will just mosey on their merry way. When we were out driving there were other tourists on the lookout for bears. Of course my cousins and I had the brilliant idea of yelling “look there is a bear”. After a few minutes we had yelled enough that a crowd gathered in search of the nonexistent bear. Then we snuck back in the car, laughing loudly at the crowd we had created.




There are waterfalls and beautiful bodies of water that are post card worthy at every corner. While most of the bodies of water are too cold to swim in, they sure are beautiful to look at.


Hiking Trails


We saw a sign for a waterfall while we were walking along a path. Naturally, we had to go explore it. There are tons of hiking trails on every corner of the park. Some are longer than others. The trail we went down was only a couple of miles, but if you wanted to hike a seven-ten mile trail they had those as well. I wished we could have hiked for longer, but since this was a family vacation not everybody was down for hiking seven miles. The nicest thing about the trails in the summer is the weather. Being a North Carolina native even some of the trails in NC are extremely hot in the summer. The weather in yellowstone was perfect.


Hot Springs










The hot springs are totally tempting, because some of that have waters that are clear blue. You can see all the way to the bottom of the pool. But don’t let it fool you the waters fool you, they are much hotter than they appear. There boiling temperatures make it too hot for any human to swim in and live to tell the tale.



Of course it would not be yellowstone without Old Faithful. Erupting nearly every 30 minutes Old Faithful attracts a lot of attention from outsiders.  Defiantly a must see when in Yellowstone. Ole Faithful is not the only erupting geyser though, there are several geysers throughout the park. Some even more impressive than Ole Faithful.


Rock Formations 


All around there are unique and strange rock formations throughout the park. It almost looks as if some sculptors came through and had a hay day.

The things we saw were definitely different from any other national park I had been too, and certainly worth the visit.








Get out there and start exploring!

Much Love,