5 Ways to Live Everyday Adventures

Wind rushing whipping back my hair while the cool morning breeze settle in around me. I pedal faster and harder. I had not checked the clock, but I hoped I would make it to my destination on time. My wheels turned through some thick woods and I approached them more cautiously. Faster, faster, but don’t fall,¬†I thought to myself. A pedaled past a some thorns and they scrapped my leg mercilessly. As I rounded the next corner I went a little too quickly and my bike fell to the ground. Not being injured too badly I got up and keep pedaling. Within no time I made it to work ready to start the day.

Many people ask me why in the heck would I bike nearly 4 miles when I have a car and I could take the bus. The answer is simple…. for the adventure of it all. There is nothing I crave more than adrenaline, excitement, and discovery. Each day there is something about it that brings a new adventure of uncertainty.Here is some of my ideas for finding the adventure through the mundane of everyday life.

5 Ways to Live Everyday Like It was a New Adventure 

1.)Shake Things Up 

Whenever I get bored and find myself in a rut I look for ways that I can get back my excitement for life. Last week I took a Zumba class. This week I plan on taking a water aerobics class. In order for me to continue to thrive on life I must continue to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. The only way to do that is to do something different than I have done before. At my job I work for an Adventure Leadership Center and every aspect of the job is unnerving the first time you do it. Just yesterday I learned how to put up new routes on the rock climbing wall. However in order to do this I have to self-belay myself in the air. Basically, if I fell I would be the one to catch myself. At first I was terrified. I did not trust the process, or the rope. But after a few times doing it. I remember thinking,¬†“this is awesome”.¬†With everything I have ever done that is what it seems to be like. At first you don’t want to do it, but once you push yourself you love what you are doing.

2.) Appreciate the Outdoors 

Most days I spend a lot of time outdoors because of my job. However on the days that I do not get a chance to go outside I do not take for granted the few moments I get to appreciate the crisp morning air or the beauty of an evening sunset.

3.) Explore 

Some days I take a different route home, just so that my life will never fall into routine. I may walk a different path into work. Novelty is like oxygen flowing to my brain keeping it alive and awake. When things begin to fade into mundaneness I quickly try to snap out of it. Even taking a drive 20 minutes out of my way just to see buildings, fields, and people I have never seen before can be enough to keep life exciting.

4.) Embrace Spontaneity 

Be ready to up and go at any given moment. Or as the phrase goes “cease the day”. ¬†Sometimes the best adventures come when you least expect them. Just the other day I was spending time with an old friend and the thought popped into our heads lets go to the beach and spend the night in my van. It may sound a little crazy and unsettling at first, but we quickly embraced the idea. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

5.) Live on Purpose 

It can be so easy to go to work, come home, go to sleep, and wake up the next day only to do it all over again. Sometimes I find myself in this type of routine. However, don’t allow yourself to be okay with an ordinary life. You were designed to create, explore, discover, laugh, and live life in a specific and unique way. Go out there and start living.