Morrow Mountain Day Hiking/Canoeing Trip


IMG_2421“I felt my lungs inflate with the rush of scenery-air, mountains, trees, people. ~I Thought~ This is what it is to be happy” – Sylvia Plath 

With only a few days left until school starts up again my family and I were looking for an adventure and some time to spend together. We had read about Morrow Mountain, but none of us had ever been before. After my experience it was defiantly worth the trip.


It was a short two hour drive up to Morrow Mountain. We all packed a lunch and left late morning for some refreshing mountain air. As soon as we arrived I jumped out of the car and just stared at the view below. It felt like I was a bird looking down on the world beneath me. Maybe it was the mountain air that had got to me, but for a moment I believed I could fly. When I see the world from a mountain perspective I am light as a feather. The cares of the world are far below me and I sit up high with the clouds.

There were plenty of places to picnic, but we choose the place high up to catch a beautiful view of the mountains all around.

IMG_2453.jpgLuckily, there were nature trails near the picnic area that we explored. While we were walking we found cute little rocks that had been painted and had the words “smile” on one side and “to hide” on the other. What a cute idea? We took the rock and hide it in a new spot.


After we worked up a sweat hiking on some trails. (Like I was real sweaty) We drove the curvy path down the mountain and headed toward Lake Tillery. We happened to stumble upon some people kayaking and realized that you could rent out kayaks or canoes at a boat shed within walking distance. I threw on my bathing suit and was ready to go. I forgot my license so unfortunately we could not check out single kayaks as we wanted to. I have a terrible habit of forgetting it when I need it most, and forgetting everything else that is of vital importance. Nonetheless, we were able to get a canoe instead. Rentals were only $5 and hour per boat. So this adventure was certainly inexpensive. For a while we just went in circles.  I am sure we were a sight to see. It is not easy canoeing with so many people in one boat, but after a while we got the hang of it and were basically canoeing professionals.


Then one we had our fill of sweet exploration and nature we all hopped back into the minivan and drove home completely satisfied at the short adventure we had taken.

Never stop aspiring to be more. As I continue to chase adventures cheaply I hope you will follow the journey and chase your own adventures.

Much Love,