Carolina Beach Bumming It



The last hurrah. I head back to school tomorrow but that didn’t stop me from lounging on the beach for the last couple days. Living only an hour away from the beach the ocean waves are irresistible for the short drive.


I pulled up in the drive ofAtlantic Towers condo and the first thing I smelled was fish. I thought to myself, “Ahhh I made it to the ocean”. Fish and sunscreen smell delectable to me because they remind me of the good old relaxing days I spend at the beach. It was a small condo but it exactly what was we needed. It was just my parents, my sister, and I that made the trek. It was a one bedroom condo that had bunkbeds build on the side of the wall. Which was kinda funky, but totally functional. I would sleep anywhere so as long as there is a bed I am as happy as a clam. Mainly I loved that the condo overlooked the ocean. I just enjoyed leaving the door sliding door wide open. For someone who turns on ocean noises for background music on a regular basis it was spectacular.


The night was perfect. Our check in was around 4:00, but after stopping at the grocery store we arrived at our condo around 5:00. Once we settled in I rushed downstairs to finally put my feet into the ocean.

Cool water between my toes on a hot day. Nothing is better. When I walked by upstairs it had begun to get dark. Unfortunately, since I live on the east coast the sunsets are always opposite of the beach. When I entered the condo once more the terrible news was delivered. It was predicted to rain for the entirety of the next day. I was devastated, but nonetheless I remained hopeful. My sister arrived later that night and we gazed at the stars and chatted until it was time to turn in. The next morning the sun was shining brightly.

IMG_2638While it was cloudy on and off the weather was warm and the water was cool. The pelicans perched on poles and ate fish below. Shells splashed up against the shore mostly broken due to the impact. With a book and notebook in hand I was content to lie in the sand and occasionally dive into the waves.


There were cute restaurants nearby known for their seafood. My Dad loves the clam chowder at this local restaurant call Michel’s Seafood, only about ten minutes from the condo. Though, truthfully I am content walking down the beach with a peanut butter sandwich in hand walking down the beach. (I am a simple kinda gal)


The next morning I saw many surfers making attempts at catching the best waves. IT WAS HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE. Next time I go to the beach I want to learn how to surf. While I am certainly a professional at body surfing I really want to learn how to catch some waves with a board. Just wait for the next beach trip. I will be surfing away.


The beach weekend getaway was undoubtedly a success. The only dilemma is leaving the beach because these ocean waves are still calling my name.