Paddle Boarding In Little Washington, NC



It was the Fourth of July. The only place I wanted to be was somewhere on the water. Anything that involves a body of water is my favorite kind of adventure. I rented some SUP boards (stand up paddle boards) and dragged my friend out to Little Washington North Carolina for a heck of an adventure. Paddle boards are not heavy.  I was able to throw the boards on top of my van with ease. On the way out I snatched a dry bag I to hook to my board for our food and technology. It was way more useful than I realized, so I was thankful I remembered it.


After loading the boards onto my van and applying several layers of sunscreen we drove the twenty minute drive to Little Washington. It was the cutest waterfront with local restaurants and local people enjoying the sun. Finding a dock the was empty from boats we hurled the boards into the water and jumped in. I am fairly certain that the dock was meant specifically for boats and not for SUP boards but we did it nonetheless.

It was not as easy as it looked. There was a lot of balance and coordination involved in the paddling process. Within the first five minutes on the water both Laura, (my friend who came with me), and I had tumbled into the water. Since we were still close to shore all of our falls were providing an entertaining show to the All American Fourth of July celebrators blaring music on their boats. We were certain that some of them were laughing at us. But once we reached the point of seclusion it was all serenity from there.



After paddling for a good while my stomach began communicating with me. We decided to stop for lunch. Setting my eno up in the trees was not too difficult. My friend Laura, who came with me, was not excited about stepping her feet in the murky water she practically fell trying to set the eno up without touching the water, which was certainly a sight to see. Wearing chaos was defiantly the best choice while navigating our way through the murky shore. After the hammock was assembled we snacked away on our sandwiches and gobbled down the strawberries in our dry bag.



With the waves crashing against shore I felt so at peace swinging in my eno. There is nothing quite like hammocking in the trees after working up a sweat paddling.