Going Wild For Yoga

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

Breathing is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, anyone reading this post right now is hopefully breathing. Yet, focusing on the breath is a whole new level of difficulty to the simple act of breathing.

One misconception about yoga or meditation is that you must clear your mind of everything. Woah.  That would be insanity.  My brain is constantly spinning, thinking, and dreaming. I could never completely wipe it clean. Instead yoga/ meditation are about bringing attention to the breath. Focusing our wondering thoughts on one thing rather than eliminating thinking altogether.

Practicing yoga/mediation regularly is beneficial in many ways. It helps the blood flow in the body and flexibility. Every time I do yoga my body leaves the session feeling revived. Like my limbs were just hanging off my body and now they remember their purpose.

Yoga/meditation also assist in mental processing. After doing yoga I am relaxed and at peace with life. It helps be bring to focus my priorities, clarifies my dreams, shapes what is relevant to me, but most significantly illuminates the current moment I am living in.  That is a principle of yoga that I try to implement in my life. Accepting where I am and striving to where I want to be.


On this particular day I biked out into the woods set up my eno and yoga mat and enjoyed an unwinding and laze time. A yoga session following a nap and the reading of a novel in my beloved eno is quite honestly the best way to spend an afternoon.


Yoga/meditation brings to light what is important to me. Suddenly, when we appreciate the moment we are in rather than wishing away our time everything is placed in perspective. Our priorities, dreams, and inner thoughts wash up to the surface.


Hope you find peace in this moment!