Bicycle Post Trails Greenville, NC


I live nowhere near a mountain, but believe me I wish I did. It was such a surprise when my friend informed me there were mountain bike trails twenty minutes away from campus. I have only ever been mountain biking once before, and nothing like the experience that I had a couple Friday’s ago.

I threw my bike in the back of my van and drove off.  I will admit I had trouble finding the place. It is only the side of the road next to a cornfield.


Within the first minute of biking along the trail I realized that they were far more intense that what I thought I signed up for. I feel off, mainly because I was terrified. After a few more downhill leaps and bounds I was beginning to get the hang of it. When, all of the sudden I realized.

I had left my keys in my car. In all the excitement I hooked my dorm key to my shirt rather than my car keys. Panic raced through my mind. There was no one for miles out here.  Quick reminder I am on some bike trails in the back of a cornfield. As a matter of fact I glanced around and realized I really had no idea how to get out.

Luckily, I just turned around went the exact way I came in. Hoping, that I would remember exactly which turns I had taken. When I saw my car I felt relieved. Yet, I also knew I had no way to get back inside of it.


Not a great picture but this is part of the jump park

I saw a man and two kids biking around up ahead. Awkwardly, I approached them and asked to borrow a phone. I explained my situation and they graciously obliged. Having locked my Triple A (roadside assistance) card in the car I googled the number for the local Triple A office. They said they would arrive in an hour. I hung up I handed the phone back to the kind man, and generously thanked him.

Since it would be an hour since they arrived to unlock my car I went back into the woods and rode along.

Adrenaline pumping.I felt my whole body become alive and alert. I found that as I tumbled down the trails my thoughts were channeled into a narrow focus. All I my mind could conceive was the pathway in front of me. All alone existing in the present moment.

With each twist of the path a new adventure unfolded. There were many times I had to mentally overcome my fear of what lay ahead. Often times the pathways looked impossible. Yet, once I just went for it the undeniably implausible jump suddenly began possible.


After some time I rode back to my car and the roadside assistance people were just pulling up. In minutes my car door opened. It was started to get dark, so I threw my bike in my van once more. This was definitely not my last time exploring mountain biking.




Love my van. Love my bike. Love the adventures I have had with both.