Vegan Hot Spots , Washington D.C.


After going to Washington DC several times here are some of my suggestions for vegan food! Even for my meat eater friends you will love these hot spots.

Proper Twenty One

The game started at 12 O’clock. I was starving. Missing breakfast was definitely not a good idea, but I wanted to get as much time exploring the city as possible. The group I was with and I rushed into Proper Twenty-One in order to watch the East Carolina Football game and grab some grub. I was worried that this local bar would not have any vegan options. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the vegan Autumn Buddha Bowl was. There was also a wide variety on the alcohol menu if you were looking to sip on a drink while watching the game. Even if you took some of your meat eater/ non-vegan friends with you they would be in heaven. With a well developed burger, salad, and soup menu there are plenty of classic entrees to choose from.

With a modern and open atmosphere this restaurant had a rad feel. Comfortable black leather seating. Dim lights hanging from above. You could sit outside and enjoy people-watching and the city air. Or you could sit in the back which is where we sat. It was a great chance to feel away from the city and relax in the comfortable seating.



Autumn Buddha Bowl

The food was fresh and absolutely delicious. Butternut squash with healthy grains is perfect for a Saturday afternoon in October. My friend also ordered some french fries and she graciously shared with me. They were probably some of the best fries I have ever had.IMG_3448


With an edgy environment and delicious dishes this is a hot spot I would hit again.

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I had full intentions of cheating on veganism because I had heard this place was so yummy. Then I saw a sign that said ask about our vegan options. They had vegan cheese and vegan beef.

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This is probably one of the greatest restaurants I have ever been too. First off all of their utensils, napkins, and cups are compostable. The food was unbelievable! I was skeptical about ordering a philly cheesteak, but this mock sand which was one of the best thing I have ever consumed. I was also incredibly hungry so that could have contributed to it being exactly what I needed. They also gave us free fresh green smoothies, which are light and delicious.

Wanna check out the menu? Click here!