Museums in Washington D.C. with an Artistic Appeal

Art. Just the arrangement of words, pictures, people, and or color in a way that is powerful and inspiring. Having an appreciation for art and things that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye has made this trip worthwhile. There are a lot of museums to be appreciated in Washington D.C. The ones below are ones that I enjoyed because they have a certain artistic appeal.


EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about it! As many museums as I have visited in Washington D.C. I had not been to the Newseum yet. Opening in April 2008 the Newsum is a fairly new museum. I loved every detail of the Newseum. For all photography lovers, journalists, and people fascinated with history this museum is one for the books. There was an entire section for Pulitzer Prize winning photography.



View from the top on the balcony


I had a great view of the capital building from at the top of the museum


 Hirshhorn Museums of Modern and Contemporary Art 

Modern and contemporary art has an edge. There is not always a clear understanding of the meaning. Walking into the Hirshhorn Museum I had no idea what to expect. Around every corner was something I could not have predicted. Like part of the floor in one area was made entirely out of legos, and it displayed faces of famous people all over the world.



This was a wallpaper designed with security cameras and gold chains all over it.

 Sculpture Garden

Walking outside the Hirshhorn Museum there is a tiny little garden worth a look. There were many plants sprouting all throughout this sweet place.IMG_3348.JPG


My friend Mady and I


African American Museum of Art

The African American art museum is a beautiful unique twist of art and the African American culture. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the art on display was jewel, bowels, and things that were used in everyday life.





 National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is defiantly a must see if you are ever in Washington. D.C.! There are art piece dating back hundreds of years yet are preserved extremely well. Famous artist like Vincent Van Gough, Rembrant, and Monet all make a glorious debute in this gallery. The gallery is very large and I could have spent an entire day in it. Even while we were leaving I realized there is a whole other building beside the National Gallery of art for the rest of the displays called the east wing.

Right: Michel Anguier- Neptune with a Hippocamp

Claude Monet-  Bridge over a Pond of Water Oil Painting


Follower of Pieter Bruegel the Elder- The Temptation of Saint Anthony – 16 Century  

Vincent Van Gough

Right: Still Life: Vase With Pink Rose

Left: Green Wheat Fields

Veiled Nun 1863 (Italian)


I hope you check out these museums while in Washington D.C. and have a blast just like I did.