Mai Thai in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA is an adorable town full of art, artists, marinas, boat rides, boutiques, and many yummy restaurants. We found this one close to the water front in eyes view of the city. Thai food is usually somewhere I can find vegan food. Typically they have tons of tofu and veggie options, and this restaurant did not disappoint. Everything we ordered was off of the appetizer menu, and was still filling and plenty of food. I always think ordering several appetizers with a group of friends is a great way to try several new foods without breaking the budget.

Papaya Salad-Mild 


Similar to the spaghetti squash I have made at home these noddles were made out of shredded unripe papaya. This dish native to Thailand had a unique flavor of garlic, peanuts, and spices I could not easily forget.


Vegetable Spring Roll


The vegetable spring rolls were yummy and surprisingly completely vegan. Often times people will put egg or shrimp in egg-roll, but these I could have.