10 Easy Ways to Become More of a Minimalist

On Thanksgiving, what better day to remember how important the small things are. Minimalism is a lifestyle that places value on people and experiences over things.  I am working towards owning little, because I want my life to have mobility. Each week I am finding more and more things to donate, sell, or give away. Most people however like things, and there is nothing wrong with that.Many of my friend are excited to decorate there home full of fall or Thanksgiving decor.  I don’t think everyone was meant to live in a tiny home or a van. While I am choosing a more extreme lifestyle here are some simple ways to add minimalism into your life. (Got to keep is simple of course) There is nothing that you can buy, eat, or sleep with that can truly fulfill the way that investing in other people will.

“He/she who buys what he does not need steals from himself/herself”. – Swedish Proverb

1.) Put the technology away during meal times 

Face-to-face conversation is such a valuable aspect of human connection. I know it would be hard for some of us to even put away our phones for a day or even an hour. Not using your phone during mealtimes can allow for conversation and connection to take place. Two things that help me relax after a long day.

2.) Empty out your junk drawer and purse 

We all have the drawer. The one where we constantly throw old receipts, random broken odds and ends, and literally anything else you can think of. It is time to clear out the unnecessary clutter. Back home, when I lived with my parents there was a drawer for this. Now I don’t have but one drawer so this was not a possibilty. But I usually let my purse or backpack become a bottomless put. Full of broken pens, old chap sticks, and smushed gum. Whatever you junk may look like pick one place and go through it.

3.) Don’t own two of the same thing 

Why do you need two of the same thing. You probably won’t lose the first thing you have, and if you do THEN you should buy a replacement.

4.) Practice 5 minutes of meditation daily 

Meditation can be a tricky thing to start doing, but it doesn’t have to be. Commit to just 5 minutes a day and watch the stress melt away.

5.) Clear out expired things (makeup, food, etc.) 

Lotion, body products, makeup, and food all have a time limit. When they become no good there is no point in keeping it anymore. Take time to throw away these product so when you are hurriedly putting on makeup in the morning you won’t accidentally throw on something that will make you face break out later.

6.) Purge the closet of at least three shirts you haven’t worn in a year 

Odds are if you haven’t worn it in a year, you don’t need it. Yet, trends and styles do come back around, but I don’t want to wait for the chance that my gocho pants will suddenly become rad again.

7.) Give away a book you have already read 

I almost never re-read books. Books that I really like I usually give away to a friend or family member.

8.) Journal about reflections over the last week for 10 minutes 

At the end of your week, maybe a Friday evening or Saturday morning. Take time to reflect on the week you had. Things that went well and things that didn’t. This will bring you back into the present and make you aware of the life happening around you.

9.) Donate old digital devices/ technology 

It is time to get rid of any old phones, gameboys, or chargers you don’t know what they go to. They are just taking space, and there is an odd chance you would use them again.

10.) Go one day a week without makeup (sorry guys this probably doesn’t apply to you) 

I hardly ever where makeup anymore, but at first this was not an easy task. I look a lot different without makeup than I do when I put it on. Yet, I find the more I am comfortable with no wearing it I become more aware of what I am doing rather than what I look like.


You only have one life you might as well love every minute of it. There are things I wish I could change about myself and my life, but I am not going to dwell on them. Life is a beautiful thing. LIVE IT!

Much Love,