Wilmington Rock Gym

Around seven months ago I was introduced to climbing. I still have a lot to learn, but the Wilmington Rock Gym is a great place to practice.


Here is me attempting to do a V2. I am still working on bouldering.

My sister and I had a fantastic morning climbing at Wilmington Rock Gym. With ropes covering wall to wall and ranging from 5.4-5.13 and numerous bouldering routes we climbed for several hours before noticing how long it had been. It was only out stomachs ready for lunch that made us realize how much time had gone by.

A day pass was $13 and $5 for gear, which could add up quickly if we were going everyday. But as treat every once in a while it was totally worth the money.

It does cost for someone to belay you. We took a quick belay test and just belayed each other the whole time, which is what I suggest.


Climb on!