Skiing in Boyne Mountain, Michigan

A whirlwind trip up to Michigan for some great skiing was an amazing idea. I was visiting my grandparents in Kokomo, Indiana when my cousins came up with the idea to drive six hours away to go skiing at Boyne Mountain.

I really wanted to try snowboarding, but since I only get to ski every few years I thought I would stick with what I know. If I had more time I would try snowboarding, but for now I stick with skiing.



The weather was freezing averaging temperatures around 9-15 degrees. The slopes were perfect because there was several feet of snow that had hit the area. There was a lot of natural as well as man made snow on the slopes. Usually good snow on the slopes doesn’t happen until around January, but we got lucky.

With 60 slopes to choose from there was a slope for everyone. My cousin wanted to go slow and steady by staying on the green slopes, but I wanted a little more adrenaline and speed so I attempted some black slopes. The slopes have a wide range for ski ability. There are some very easy slopes and very difficult ones.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.17.47 AM

The resort was incredible. If you are looking to stay on budget I would suggest probably staying elsewhere. The resort was a little pricey. At $300 a night it can add up quickly. There are places you can stay a little farther away that are more reasonable in prices. The resort did have many amenities to it. A water-park,spa, and shopping areas are just some of the things to do at the Boyne mountain resort. It was a dream.

Another way to get the full experience of skiing without the full expensive is working at a ski resort. This is one thing I hope to do in the future. All employees get free rentals, free passes to the lifts, and 40% off all of the stores in the area. You could get a part time job helping others get there boots and ski rentals. That sounds like a great deal to me.


This photo was taken 2 minutes before I wiped out.

I think it is fun to do slopes that are a little above my skill level. That is how you get better right? This also means that I ended up with a bruised tailbone and some major wipe outs. Well, this one double black I was attempting to do, I fell. But I fell at a really steep part of the route. Because it was so steep I couldn’t put my ski back on. I had to slide halfway down the mountain on my butt until I got to a spot where I could put my ski back on. People on two different ski lifts were clapping for me. It was quite a show. I wish I could have stayed a little longer because I know if I had tried a couple more times I could have nailed that route.

Challenge yourself and go on a difficult route. It will be a rush. Certainly cleared my head. I had to fully focus on the slope I was shredding and everything else seemed unimportant. It was incredible.


After several hours of skiing I was famished to say the least. When my cousin suggested eating from a taco truck I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong. At the bottom of the slopes there parked is a taco truck with the best burrito I have ever had. I got a fried avocado with pinto bean burrito, and y’all it was phenomenal.


I had the greatest time skiing in Michigan. There is nothing quite like the fear of going down a mountain where you can’t even see the bottom at the beginning. Control. Calm. Focus. Those are the things I kept saying as I went down the mountain. You will never be perfect at anything in the beginning. Resilience is something I am really working on. You don’t have to be a perfect skier, but just trying it is all it takes.

Hope you guys enjoy getting outside in the snow this winter.

Where will y’all spend winter? Which do you like cold or warm climates?