Jean Lafitte Swamp, Louisiana

Ever seen the show swamp people. My experience felt a little bit like that. The bus with a big sign on the side labeled “Adventure Airboat Tours” picked us of us from our hotel. I hopped in and I am on my way. About 30 minutes away from the city liethe swamplands of Louisiana. As we got got closer to our destination the scenery began to change. Spanish moss covers the trees and gators lurk in the waters below.



I put my earmuffs on and the airboat took off. I laughed at myself and my pals with the earmuffs because they honestly looked like the headsets I used in the 3rd grade for keyboarding class. At first the air boat is so slow I was worried that the earplugs is not even necessary. Then he revved up the engine and the boat speeds off. It made sense to use air boats because in the swamp water plants and animals would get stuck in the motor on a regular boat. Wishing five minutes I spotted him. The first gator. It is a baby one. The tour guide throws a marshmallow towards the baby gator and he swallows it quickly. Apparently, alligators enjoy marshmallows. I never knew. Our tour guide calls it swamp crack. I could certainly see why. Those gators didn’t nibble on the mellow, no they gulped the marshmallow whole. Usually where there is one gator there is many. Within thirty minutes I see several gators. One swam pretty close to our boat.



I feel calm putting and absorbing nature after spending time in the city. The wetlands and swamp area affect much of the surrounding area of Louisiana. Most houses are on stilts as if they were beach houses. Each hurricane drastically affects nearly everyone in New Orleans. Even the graves are built above ground because of flooding. You would not want some graves floating up out of the ground because of it.

unnamed-1Probably my favorite part of the airboat tour is enjoying the experience with everyone around me. I had such a good time goofing off and laughing.I highly taking a day off from the hustle of the city to enjoy the swamps of Jean Lafitte.