Summer Thailand Adventures

My sister, Maleah, graduated from Chapel Hill last May. After her last three months of summer, she knew she would start her career.  Going on a big trip is a great idea for people who are probably not going to travel a lot in their career. You probably can’t take a random three months off of work. Maleah wants to be a Physicians Assistant. Basically, she is amazing and is going to save lives. But she knew that the job is stable, and there may not be another opportunity for wandering off on an excursion like this one.  Though I plan on traveling a lot in career, my sweet sissy decided to do exactly what I hope to do and went off on a grand post-grad adventure. Her travels took her to Thailand. I have lived vicariously through her pictures and stories. If you are planning a post-grad trip you are in the right place. I hope you enjoy reading about her adventures as much as I do.


Morgan: What made you pick Thailand?

Maleah: I had several friends who had gone and said it was amazing, so it inspired me to travel there as well. Also, Thailand is very inexpensive, so for a recent grad, it was the perfect place to get the most for your dollar.


Morgan: How long did you spend planning your trip?

Maleah: It’s kinda hard to say. I probably spent a few hours sitting down looking at flights and getting a rough idea of where I wanted to be when, but honestly, a lot of the trip was planned after I got there. I would talk to other people at our hostels and figure out what their favorite things to do were, and then would plan my days based on the feedback I got from other people who were traveling. It was really nice planning the trip this way because I felt that all the advice I got was genuine, not just some company trying to promote their own activity.

Morgan: How long was your Trip?

Maleah: It was about three weeks in total.


Morgan: Where was your favorite place you went to?

Maleah: I would have to say my favorite place was Chiang Mai–it’s a really pretty area in Northern Thailand, so it’s close to the mountains. The scenery is just beautiful, and we got to bathe with elephants there, which was my favorite activity.


Morgan: What was your least favorite thing about Thailand?

Maleah: The worst part of our trip was all the scams I ran into in Bangkok. Just a friendly word of advice, don’t listen to a thing anyone on the streets of Bangkok says–they’re likely just trying to sell their own thing and make a buck off of you.


Morgan: Is there anything you would have done differently?

Maleah: I would have planned to spend more time on the beaches. They were absolutely stunning, and I could have spent so much more time exploring and relaxing there.

Morgan: Where did you stay at, and how was that experience?

Maleah: I stayed pretty much exclusively in hostels. They were really quite nice for the most part, and it was so neat to get to meet people from all over the world. I made friends from Australia, Germany, England, the Netherlands, you name it–hostels attract a very welcoming and fun crowd. Also, they’re extremely cheap, so if you’re on a tight budget (like I was) this is definitely the way to go.

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Morgan: Talk about a cool experience you had.

Maleah: Because I love food, I’m going to say one of my favorite parts was a night market in Krabi on the weekends. Each weekend night, they would have a ton of vendors come out and sell their goods, which were largely local foods  (although some artisans sold their crafts as well). I tried squid, quail eggs, octopus balls, and quite a few things that I have yet to identify! It was so neat to get to try a variety of foods that were so unique, and since the prices were so cheap I got to eat quite a bit without spending much money at all. It was a foodie’s paradise!


Thank you, Maleah for sharing your adventures with me.