Hiking at River Park North, Greenville NC

There is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than hiking. After church, and eating an entire Moes burrito bowl, my friend Emily and I went on a quite walk in the picturesque trails of River Park North.


The trails were absolutely beautiful and easy to navigate. We hiked for around two hours. As soon as we were ready to head out we took a guess as to which trail was correct and it took us right out of the park and to our car. Even though there is a lot of hiking trails to do it is easy to get back to the starting point.  I had no idea River Park North would be the adventure it was. I have picnicked at RPN before but never gone deep into the woods. Let me tell you it is worth it. The trees sunk into the water and the swamp seemed to go on for miles. IMG_7566.jpg

BANGS are probably my favorite shoes I have ever owned. I take them with me on every trip I go on. They are super comfy to walk in. I took them with me to New Orleans and walked around 15 miles a day in them. While I still recommend Oboz hiking shoes for intense trips these are great for a short afternoon hike.


With springtime just around the corner the trees are green and bright. This is the perfect time to go hiking near the swamp. When the summer heat strikes the snakes and tics come out. Thankfully it is still too cold for them. I felt fine with a sweatshirt and leggings. That is perfect hiking weather.


Emily found an interestingly shaped tree and of course had to check it out. Unfortunately we found no hobbits inside.


Going out into the fresh air for a couple hours is refreshing. It has been a rough couple of weeks as my school year comes to a close. Getting outdoors is a much needed relief from my reality. I highly recommend going outside everyday. It brightens my mood and brings me clarity. Being away from technology and my cell phone is a joy too. Completely disconnecting even for a little while improves my day. IMG_7559.jpgIMG_7578.jpgIMG_7637.jpg

The benches throughout the park are covered in greenery giving them a majestic appeal.


I hope to spend many more Sunday afternoons at River Park North.