Falls Lake Hiking/Camping, NC

6:00 am is way TOO early for cognitive functioning. I start making sense at around 10:00am. I make it to the recreation center barely on time. I arrived and there was a ton of stuff that still needed to be packed. Food. Cooking gear. Tents. Canoes. Kayaks.  There is so much work that goes into a camping/hiking/paddling trip, especially one that includes fifteen people, all of which are my coworkers.

In the heart of Wake Forest there is a hidden gem called Falls Lake. The Mountain to Sea trail covers over 12,000 miles, yet there are plenty of trails that are good day hikes. The first day I arrived my group and I hiked around ten miles, and let me tell you my feet are sore. The trails have several hills, which my calves are not used to.

IMG_5740.JPG.jpegIMG_5745.JPG.jpegAnother beauty of Falls Lake is of course, the lake. The lake is perfect for kayaking, SUP boarding, or just fishing. About a five minute drive from our campsite was a swimming area with a dock. However, at our campsite I could walk down to enjoy some of the lake’s wondrous views. IMG_5788.JPG

Bonding with other adventurers is my favorite way to pass the time while lugging around forty pound backpack. Hiking is basically glorified walking. I swear I am a good walker. The only downside to hiking with a large backpack is its hard to look at the beautiful scenery. The backpack goes so high up on my back it is hard to bend my neck upward to look around.

Taking breaks is a must while going on a long hike. We typically stopped every hour or two to take a water/snack break. Clif and Nature Valley bars are a couple of classics to bring. I also snacked on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Hiking is a lot of pressure on my feet. Owning some good hiking boots is essential for surviving a long hike. I am telling ya it is a game changer for sure. Oboz is a great company to buy the perfect pair of hiking boots from.


The campsites at Falls Lake are spectacular. Taking a load off is exactly what I needed. After a long hike I took an extensive nap. Actually I took two naps. One in my glorious tent and the other by the water. By golly I love sitting by a body of water.


Welcome to my crib. I spent the last several nights in this humble abode. There is nothing like going to sleep with the sound of crickets in the background. Though the last night at Falls Lake we did some night scenarios. Since I am training to be a trip leader my boss made us go through the protocol if someone were to go missing. Somehow one of the other leaders went ‘missing’. All of us set out to find her in the dark. It was creepy walking around in the woods at night. The last night I didn’t sleep as well because I couldn’t stop thinking about scary lifetime movies.