A Guide To The Cliffs & Rocky Trails Of Turkey Run State Park, Indiana

Located in West Central Indiana, Turkey Run’s sandstone cliffs are some of the coolest rock features I have ever seen.  I walked through the park and honestly it felt very surreal (Maybe that is just me though. I tend to be obsessed with nature).

The rock on either side me, is as big as a building, it makes me feel so small. My friend walked next to me looking teeny tiny compared to the boulders towering over her. The tree’s roots cling on the rock, and look as if they could fall down at any moment.

There are so many activities throughout the park. Fishing, kayaking, horse back-riding, tubing, picnicking, swimming, and hiking are among some of the choices. Primitive camping is also available, but for those who are not interested in roughing it there is a quaint rustic inn that offers lodging to modern families.


Park Hours

Horse back riding trails are open from April to October. This all depends on the weather, but usually during these months from 9am-5pm you can take a ride on a horse.

Entrance Fees 

If you are not a resident of Indiana there is an extra $2 fee. Making my total expenses $9 to get into the park. If Indiana is your home state you only have to pay $7 to get in the park.

Hiking Trails


The trails are pretty easy to follow on this map. The park ranger will give you a map at the park entrance. There is an entrance fee. It cost $9 for out-of-state license plate cars. For all of you in-staters there is only a $7 fee. This day pass fee is good for all Indiana State parks.

The trails are clearly labeled, but some of the titles are misleading. Trail 10 is supposed to be rugged, and have neat features due to erosion. Yet, once we got on the trail it didn’t look any different from my backyard. When we  reached the top to camels back. There was a bench overlooking a view of nothing. This is disappointing, but no one else seemed to fall into the tourist trap. The trails were completely empty.

All in all we hiked around 7 miles. Which is a great day of casual hiking.


There are tons of places to have a picnic. Packing a bagel with peanut butter, grapes, and trail mix I am ready for the perfect picnic. All of the picnic places are first come first served.


Unfortunately, all rock climbing is prohibited in the park. That did not stop me from exploring some of the rock features. I can see why climbing is not allow because some of the rock was crumbly and did not look safe.

I tried to climb up on the ledge above me. It looked so cool, but unfortunately there was not enough grip for me to get up there.


Tent camping sites are available for reservation. There are also places for RV camping spots.

Updates on campsites

Reserving a camping site


The neatest part of the trail were the ladders we had to climb down. The ladders can be found on trail 5. 



Off of trail 3! 

Hope you enjoy your visit to Turkey Run State Park as much as I did.

The official site for the park


-Morgan Murray