Things You Should Know About Washington D.C. Before You Visit

  • There is an unspoken dress code

Everyone in D.C. seems to be in business casual attire. Just know that if you were jogging pants or nike shorts you may feel out of place. Typically I do not care what I wear, but when I head into the city I usually just try to blend into the appropriate clothing. I put my hippie boho clothing away for the time being.

  • You will probably not see the President

There are so many hidden passageways underneath the city and security procedures for those who are high in political power. There is a slim chance you will see anyone from the oval office strolling around the city. In fact, unlike New York city where I saw several celebrities the likelihood of spotting a famous person in D.C. is also seldom.

Now I may have walked next to a famous congressman or woman and never have known it, but to my knowledge there have been no famous encounters as a tourist.

  • The City Itself is Actually Pretty Safe & Clean

While you will see a lot of homelessness D.C. is fairly safe to roam around at night. I have been to Chicago, New Orleans, and New York and I felt safer when I am in D.C. It is a different environment that other cities. There is a class to Washington D.C.. Most of the people walking around D.C. work there or are visiting just like you. I never have felt unsafe at night exploring the monuments or heading back to my hotel. Another thing to notice about Washington that makes it different from other cities is how clean it is. Typically you don’t see trash everywhere on the streets like I have see all of NYC, and there is no distant constant weed smell like New Orleans. Like I said it is a classy city.

  • Washington D.C. is ranked number 8 for Top Places To Live

Despite being a big city Washington D.C. is actually labeled a great place to live and raise kids. The job market is booming in D.C., with new positions open each day for the next millennial. The financial as well as the hospitality industry offer a hefty amount of jobs in the city. Not to mention the top notch public transportation. While driving is not a popular activity in the city public transportation marks in high ranks.

  • You Will Not Run Out Of Things To Do

It seems like every other week some big event is happening on the Mall of Capital Hill. There are loads of free events happening all the time in Washington D.C.. Of Course it depends on when you go what you will see. One week I saw a church rival happening. There were tents from every state in the United States who brought worship teams and preachers. Another time I came during the cherry blossom season, which is a sight to see. Walking through the beautiful cherry blossoms next to the Washington Monument is an incredible experience.