If You Are Traveling Internationally For Several Months Do This First

In a couple weeks I will venture off to Italy. The land of fabulous pasta and hand gestures.  There is no where else I would rather spend the next three months.But for anyone who has traveled out of the country before you know there are many things needed before America can send me on my way. I made list after list trying to remember everything I had to get done over the couple months I had until departure.

 Get a passport ASAP

Renewing my passport was the first thing I did. While it only took about three weeks for the renewal process, sometimes it can take up to six weeks. And let me tell you they won’t let you enter another country without it or even get on the plane.

Tell your bank you are going out of the country

You don’t want your debit/credit card to get canceled due to suspected fraud. Well, that is exactly what would happen if your local bank doesn’t know that it is actually you spending $11.99 on

Get Euros $$$

Having a couple hundred dollars ready is not a bad idea. If it is your local bank they typically won’t charge you any fees for purchasing Euros. Unfortunately Euros are worth more than U.S. dollars. A dollar of U.S. currency is $1.29 in Euros.

Pack and repack

It took a lot of contemplation, thinking, and rethinking. I put a lot of time into making sure I have everything. Overpacking is not an option.

Get extra prescriptions for medications

I went to my doctor and told her I was going out of the country. She then wrote prescriptions letting the pharmacies know that I am in fact not a drug addict, but that I simply needed my medicine in advance.

Make sure to have compatible charger ports

I had no idea but apparently most countries have uniquely shaped outlets. I thought an outlet was an outlet. Nope, I had to buy several converters to make sure I could still charge my laptop over in Italy.

Buy all over-the counter medicines

Okay, so cold medicine is can be confusing to purchase in other countries. Nothing is the same.

Make appointments for annual check- ups

Right before I left I went to the dentist for a good teeth cleaning, saw my dermatologist for new medications, and visited my family doctor.

Chop those split ends off.

Getting a haircut right before I left was a defiantly a good plan. My hair gets so tangled if I don’t cut it every two months or so. I also have wild curly hair, so maybe this is just my preference.

Purchase flight

Buying your flight early is ideal. Check out the link below for tips about buying a plane ticket.

How To Buy The Cheapest International Flight

Stop your mail

Its not like I have a ton of mail. I sure won’t miss the credit card companies sending me applications after applications over the next couple months. Nonetheless letting your post office know that you won’t be around will keep your mailbox from looking like and overgrown patch of poison ivy.

Make sure everything back home is clean

Take the trash out. Clorox the bathroom. Right before I leave on a trip I need to make sure everything back home is in order. There is nothing worse than coming home to a dirty disorganized house.

Purchase staple snacks

Peanut butter, crystal light, and Swedish Fish are some of my favorite snacks. I know I won’t get to munch on them for a the next couple months. Which is why I like to stock up so I can eat a piece of home.

Hopefully this is helpful. Happy travels.