The Best Camera’s For Travel Bloggers

A couple years ago I started dabbling in photography. As a traveler I think the best souvenir is good pictures. I have been learning more about how to take the improve the quality of my photos.  I couldn’t take the photos I do without the help of my amazing cameras. If you are looking for a camera for travel, adventure, or just for fun you are in the right place.

The first thing to think about when purchasing a camera is what kind of environment you will be shooting in, and what kind of photos are you hoping to capture. Are you shooting in harsh environments? Do you want photos/videos from your ski trip? Do you want to capture architecture and detail? Depending on what you are wanting to capture is what kind of camera you should buy.


Going down a black diamond. Hiking some early mountain biking trails. Going cliff jumping. Gopro has got you covered. GoPro is the best camera to capture action shots. These cameras are practically indestructible. I have strapped by Gopro to my chest while clif jumping, mountain, biking, and water skiing. Most Gopros are completely waterproof and can capture images from up to ten feet underwater. Gopro sells many accessories that allow the camera to be strapped to your chest, head, arm, or stuck to the surface. I have even mounted it on the outside of my car for some cool video footage. Even though Gopro has the capacity to capture some pretty unique shoots that quality of the footage is excellent.


Point & Shoot 

Okay, lets face it point and shoot cameras are not hot on the market these days. However, I wouldn’t it out just yet. Point and shoots are inexpensive and easy to use. A lot of them take some pretty good photos, and best of all they are so light and small to carry. A big part about travel is that having to pack light. When I don’t have room for my big DSLR I will take along my point and shoot. Also you can get a point and shoot camera for less than $100.

Point & Shoot Cameras

Canon Rebel T5 & 6

This camera has my heart. It was the very first DSLR camera I bought. I think it is a great starter camera. It is pretty light weight. The base of the camera is smaller than other Cannon cameras. This camera is very reasonably priced for the kind of camera it is. It is around $500, which in terms of DSLRs that is pocket change.

Canon Cameras

Nikon D610

While I mainly shoot with a Canon, I am also a Nikon fan. This camera is perfect for capturing the best shot. The Nikon D610 has high ISO ranges. If you are interested is taking photos at high speed, you are in luck. This camera has excellent quality for rapid shooting.The NikonD610 is also slightly bigger and more heavy duty than the Canon Rebel.


Nikon Cameras

Which Lenses Should I Buy?

Every travel photographer must have a 18-200mm lenses. Other lenses are great, but this one is the most versatile. It allows for telephoto and close up photos. Having one lenses that does it all is great for travel, because I don’t have to change out lenses very much. If you change out lenses frequently more dirt and dust are more likely to get trapped in your camera.

Additional Lenses

Buying A Camera On A Budget

Okay, so not everyone can drop a couple thousand on a new camera. Don’t worry! I couldn’t either. If you want a really good camera I would say to budget around $500 for a DSLR. If you are looking for a point and shoot I would budget around $100.

Amazon Deals On Cameras

Top Picks For Cameras

I often buy my cameras, lenses, and accessories on Amazon. They get to me quickly with Amazon Prime and I get the best price too. As much as I love Best Buy, it is pricy. Click on the link below to see Amazon’s ratings for best cameras.

Best Cameras On Amazon

Hopefully this helps you get started on your photography journey.