The Capitol Building In Iowa Is The Modern Day Beauty & The Beast Castle

When I think of Iowa I think of cornfields and snow. I don’t think of winding staircases and beautiful architecture, but that is what I found. The iconic Capitol building is a landmark of Des Moines you won’t want to miss.

The law library in the capitol building looks like it came directly from the movie Beauty & the Beast and the outside doesn’t disappoint either.

The capital building houses the General Assembly which includes the Iowa Senate, Iowa House of representatives, and the Office of the Governor. Check out where the important decisions of the Iowa government are made.


The outside of the capitol building of just as gorgeous as it is inside. The top is covered in gold that makes it stand out from miles away.


This unique stairwell is one of four throughout the building. On each corner, there is a similar staircase leading up to the upper level.

More paintings, staircases, and architecture that made me drool.


Just look at how rad this view is.


The Law Library of the Iowa State Capitol Building


Ever walked into a room and had your breath taken away? Okay I know that sounds dramatic, but this room made the inner book lover in me completely giddy. I have never seen a library like this one, well except in my dreams of course. I could not walk very far up the staircase, because of the ’employees only’ sign you can probably see in the photo. I would have loved to go all the way up to the top, but oh well. I guess I must get a job at the Iowa State Capital Building before I can do that.


While the library is a great place for tourists to visit there are actual books law students read and study.


Hope you enjoyed these dreamy photos of my new home. (jk)