You Can Still Own Beautiful Things As A Minimalist

“Minimalism asks why before you buy.” -Francine Jay

I really wanted it. I thought about it for a least a month. Looking online and in stores, I really liked this bag. Yes, a purse. Now if you know me purses would never be my number one purchase, but this one was just precious. After a month of contemplating I decided to buy it. The purse was priced at around $30 with $15 for shipping.

That could be almost a whole week of groceries on a normal basis. As someone who wants to spend all of her money on travel expenses as well as a college education, I don’t usually throw my paycheck away on the latest fashions. Yet, somehow my fingers found their way into clicking the ‘place order’ button.

I waited a couple weeks. The package arrived, but I was not home to get it. My dad was, and he was very curious as to what I ordered. When I got home, I felt so embarrassed to tell my parents that I bought a purse. I mean I am the one ranting and raving about being a minimalist then I go and purchase a trendy bag that really has no purpose.

When I opened the bag. My parents sat with me as I tore open the package. The bag was just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Since then I have worn the bag every single day. It brings me so much joy.

There is no harm in having things. I just want to only have things that add value to my life. Minimalism is not about not buying anything and having an empty closet.

For those of you starting on your minimalism journey. You don’t have to only have ten shirts. You can wear makeup, buy biking shorts, and have a shelf full of books.

Simplifying your life may look different to you. For me, it looks like donating about 12 bags of clothes. I had a lot of clothing and things I didn’t need or use. For you, minimalism could look like cleaning out your junk drawer.

Whatever minimalism may look like to you don’t let it keep you from buying the bag.