Tackiest Tourist Pictures You Have To Take At The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

IMG_3373.jpgAt first glance, my stomach is in knots for fear the tower is going to fall. Yet, after a few minutes, I realize this tower isn’t budging.

Some say that Pisa is a tourist trap, however, I say the tradition of taking tacky pictures makes this town in Italy worth a visit.

With hundreds of tourist visiting each year, you may want some fresh ideas about how to pose in front of this leaning tower. Here are my suggestions.

1.) The Classic 


2.) The Kickboxer IMG_3393

3.) The Lean With It Rock With It


4.) Seated Kick Off


5.) Attempted Double Seated Kick Off


6.) The Pincher 


7.) The Group Effort tumblr_pfrrp025St1qg22cdo3_1280.jpg

I had so much fun taking these very tourist pictures. Hope you do too!