Best & Most Affordable Camera’s For Travel Photography

Photography is a huge part of traveling, even for people who aren’t photographers. When you are somewhere new having a good picture to capture the moment is a must. However, I quickly realized that packing light is a must when galavanting all across Europe. Packing a huge camera with a couple of different tripods might not be the best idea.

If you are looking for a camera for travel, adventure, or just for fun you are in the right place.

The first thing to think about when purchasing a camera is what kind of environment you will be shooting in, and what kind of photos are you hoping to capture. Are you shooting in harsh environments? Do you want photos/videos from your ski trip? Do you want to capture architecture and detail? Depending on what you are wanting to capture is what kind of camera you should buy.


Capitulating down a black diamond is hard to do with a camera in hand. Gopro has got you covered. GoPro is the best camera I have found to capture action shots.

These cameras are practically indestructible. I have strapped by Gopro to my chest while cliff jumping, mountain, biking, and water skiing. Many Gopros are completely waterproof and can capture images from up to ten feet underwater.

GoPro sells many accessories that allow the camera to be strapped to your chest, head, arm, or stuck to the surface. Even though GoPro has the capacity to capture some pretty unique shots that the quality of the footage is excellent.


Point & Shoot 

Okay, let’s face it a point and shoot camera is not as popular as it once was. In fact, they have practically become obsolete, but before you rule them out entirely, hear me out.

Point and shoots are inexpensive and easy to use. A lot of them take some pretty good photos, and best of all they are so light and small to carry. A big part of travel is having to pack light. When I don’t have room for my big DSLR I will take along my point and shoot. Also, you can get a point and shoot camera for less than $100.

Point & Shoot Cameras

Canon Rebel T5 & 6

This camera has my heart. As my very first DSLR camera, it is a great starter camera. Even budding photographers do not need a $2,000 camera right off the bat. The best part about shooting with a DSLR camera is that you can shoot in raw mode which allows for higher quality photos. Shooting in raw mode makes it easier to edit photos in Lightroom or Photoshop. If you are looking for really good quality photos I would seriously consider purchasing a DSLR.

The camera is lightweight, only weighing a few pounds. The base of the camera is smaller than other Canon cameras. This camera is very reasonably priced for the kind of camera it is. It is around $500, which in terms of DSLRs that is pocket change.

Canon Cameras

Nikon D610

While I mainly shoot with a Canon, I am also a Nikon fan. Some photographers may argue about this but I think they are practically the same in terms of the excellent products they offer. This camera is perfect for capturing the best shot. The Nikon D610 has high ISO ranges, meaning it can be more sensitive to light. ISO on the Canon Rebel only goes up to 6400.

If you are interested in is taking photos at high speed, you are in luck. This camera has FPS  for rapid shooting. The NikonD610 is also slightly bigger and more heavy duty than the Canon Rebel. Also, this camera has raw capabilities, so the overall quality of the pictures is better.


Nikon Cameras

Which Lenses Should I Buy?

If you are going to purchase any lens it should be an 15-105mm. Especially as a travel photographer, this is basically the only one you need. It is great for landscapes and can capture images up close.

While shooting event photography a heavy telephoto lens is essential for long distance shots. However, for travel photography, just one lens is enough. Changing lenses can be a pain. Not to mention it can allow for more dirt or dust to be trapped in your camera. If you ever see a black dot on your photos it is probably because there is dust or dirt in your camera.

Additional Lenses

Buying A Camera On A Budget

Okay, so not everyone can drop a couple thousand on a new camera. I know I certainly can’t. I spend all my money on travel so my photography budget is tight.

Don’t worry! If you want a really good camera I would say to budget around $500 for a DSLR, and $100 for a point and shoot.

Top Picks For Cameras

I often buy my cameras, lenses, and accessories all on Amazon. They get to me quickly with Amazon Prime and I get the best price too. Originally I went to Best Buy, but the prices were too high in comparison to Amazon.

Click on the link below to see Amazon’s ratings for best cameras.

Best Cameras On Amazon

Hopefully, this helps you get started on your photography journey.

Much Love,

Morgie <3