Telling the Stories of Good People – Human Connection Series

Emily Johnson- Human Connection Series

Less or Morgan Photo Project

In a time where the world is experiencing negativity and darkness, I want to remind you; good people exist. Don’t believe me? Meet some of the people in my Human Connection Series photo project. This project highlights a few of the incredible people I know. Let me introduce you to them.

Everyone has a story to tell; this is just a piece of theirs.

Nominate an incredible human to be a part of the Human Connection Series Project

There are more peoeple who derserves to have thier story told. If you know someone; fill out the form below.

Fill out your name and email. In the message box please provide the name of who you are nominating, why they are incredible, and a way for Less or Morgan to contact them.

  • Hannah Lawson- Human Connection Series
  • Emily Johnson- Human Connection Series
  • Christina Phillips- Human Connection Series

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