Human Connection Series

Miranda DelliPizzi-  Italy

Miranda DelliPizzi is an American with Italian roots. She spent three months living in Italy during a study abroad program and felt right at home.


Jenny the Henry- Georgetown D.C.

Jenny is a lifestyle blogger and attorney in Washington D.C. We met at a bloggers event in Washington D.C. and afterwards I got the opportunity to shoot her for an upcoming spread in capital magazine.

portrait photography

Hannah Lawson- East Carolina University, North Carolina

Hannah Lawson is a student at East Carolina University passionate about science and education. She hopes to inspire young kids inside and outside of the classroom. Hannah balances intense science courses with working, volunteering in her community, and being a friend to all who encounter her.


Christina Phillips-  Raleigh, North Carolina



Emily Johnson – Greenville, North Carolina

This is Emily, but most people call her Em. She is from Garner, North Carolina and is currently finishing out her college degree at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. One thing to know about Emily is that when she loves people she love them with her whole heart. Although she is soft spoken, she is only shy until you get to know her. Her free spirit is contagious and her kindness abounding.

These are a few pictures from our vintage inspired photoshoot. It is a great representation of Em’s personality and style.