How to Safely Travel During COVID

It is recommended by the government to stay at home as much as possible, but if you must travel be sure to practice these techniques to protect yourself from the virus. Taking precautions during COVID-19 travel will help you and those around you stay safe. 

Wash your hands

While I am sure you wash your hands, how often do you wash them for a full twenty seconds as the CDC recommends? Take time to thoroughly scrub those hands. Especially when you come in contact with crowded places such as airports. 

Wear a mask

Whether it is a scarf, bandana, or mask be sure to cover your mouth and nose. Ensuring your nose and mouth are covered can help the spread of the disease tremendously. If you ride the bus, fly on airplanes, or travel in highly trafficked places wear a mask. 

Don’t touch your nose, eyes, or mouth

Of course, as soon as you tell yourself not to think about something that is exactly what your brain wants to do. However, try your best not to touch any part of your face. 

If you must drive take fewer stops

Bring your food and supplies if you do need to travel by car. When you are at a gas station wipe down the pump before using or wear gloves. Try to stay a far distance from any other travelers.

Sit or stand 6 feet away from people on the bus

Don’t get on a crowded bus where you can’t clearly sit or stand at least 6 feet away from everyone else. It is easy to forget to stay clear of contact with others, but be cautious when in public. 

Wipe down hotel room as much as possible

Many hotels are taking reservations like normal, but you should have some reservations about staying there. Although hotels are cleaned before your arrival it won’t hurt to wipe down any surface areas. Avoid touching anything you don’t have to. 

Don’t travel if you are sick

If you are sick or have a compromised immune system DO NOT TRAVEL. The virus won’t last forever so there will be other opportunities for you to travel, but if you are a higher risk for infecting the virus stay home a little bit longer. 

Taking precautions during COVID-19 travel will help stop the spread of the disease. Stay at home if you can, and get excited about all the traveling you are going to do when this is all over. 

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