Ministry Worker Helps Others in the Midst of Biggest Struggles

Christina Phillips- Human Connection Series

Christina’s vivacious personality is infectious. When you meet her you will know exactly what I am talking about. We met in communication class in college, and had group projects together because we study the same major. In all the classes we took together Christina was never afraid to speak her mind. Her confidence and humor make her someone you want to keep around. She grew up in the mountainous region of Asheville, NC, and attended East Carolina University in Greenville NC until she graduated in 2018.

Christina has a heart for helping. After college Christina began her work in Christian ministry in Raleigh, North Carolina, which she describes as beautifully arduous. Whether its helping others fight through personal battles, encouraging them to chase their dreams, or simply sharing life with them, she loves connecting with people.

When real ministry is happening, you are often with people in the midst of their darkest moments, biggest struggles, hard questions, and injustices as a result of an imperfect world. It can be challenging hard breaking, and drain a lot out of you. But it is the most rewarding experience to see life changes, perseverance, and matchless hope when people come to know Jesus and live their life with him.

Christina Phillips

Christina is a challenger. She is passionate about finding the beauty in the difficult aspects of life and sharing her faith in Christ along the way. Her confidence in herself, The Lord, and in the ministry she works for is inspiring.

Lastly, but most importantly, her spirit animal is a platypus. This is because they are cute, funny, and totally unique because the animal can’t be categorized or defined exactly. After knowing her, I can agree. Totally unique and irrevocably undefined.

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