Future Educator Focuses on Connection and and Positive Change

Hannah Lawson- Human Connection Series

You ever met a person who’s personality can only be described as a ray of sunshine? Well, that’s Hannah Lawson. Her bubbly outgoing personality is a thermostat. It changes the temperature of a room, making everything a little brighter and warmer.

Hannah is a North Carolina native from Walnut Cove, but you could guess that from your first conversation. Her southern twang is as thick as Jiffy peanut butter. Hannah is the reason why the south has a reputation for being friendly; you can’t convince me otherwise.

She began pursuing a higher education at East Carolina University in 2017 with a passion for science and education. She has taken on the challenge of mastering organic chemistry with a passion for improving the education system. Hannah researches an empathetic approach to education. Her understanding of mental health inspires her to connect with students beyond the curriculum.

To me, education is all about connecting with people. It’s a privilege to be in a position where you get to inspire students and help them on their personal journey. Science is just a fun bonus because it’s a super cool subject.

Hannah Lawson

She hopes to inspire young kids inside and outside of the classroom. Hannah balances intense science courses with working, volunteering in her community, and being a friend to everyone she meets. Anyone is lucky to know her.

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