The Morning Routine to Help the Disorganized Entrepreneur Start the Day

It’s not a secret. I am not the most organized person I know. Organizational skills have never been my strong suit. My room has notoriously been covered in a pile of clothes. My bathroom looks like I just got ready to go to prom with how much makeup is on the counter. Trust me; you can ask my sister; we shared a bedroom growing up. Now that you have a glimpse in my bathroom and bedroom, here is a glimpse into how my morning routine for a disorganized entrepreneur changes the game.

Running my photography business is excellent in many ways, but I have no one telling me when to wake up, what I have to do for work, or that I have to do anything at all. It is easy to let a day slip by and not do a single thing because no one tells me I have to. I have to motivate myself. The hardest part isn’t the motivation for me but the organization. My head is constantly spinning on a disorganized axis, but the best way to cope is to ground myself with a consistent morning routine. 

Early Rise 


My alarm clock goes off at 6 am each morning. At first, waking up at 6 am was so miserable that I could not get out of bed. I smashed the snooze button until at least 8. Yet, waking up at 6 am became a habit after forcing myself to get up a few times. Now, most days, I am out of bed no later than 6:15. 



When I first arrive at the gym, I head straight to the treadmill. I was never one to enjoy the treadmill and much preferred running outdoors. However, I enjoy walking. Walking might not seem like it does much, but it’s great for my heart health and cardiovascular system. Each morning I start the day by walking on an incline for forty minutes while watching Netflix. I got this routine from my previous fitness coach, Evie Ho. After the treadmill and nearly an entire episode of Gilmore Girls later, I move on to lifting. I will do circuits and lifting for about thirty minutes. 

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As soon as I arrive back home, I shower right away, even if I don’t have anywhere to go. It wakes me up even more, and I feel fresh to start the day. 

Do hair & minimal makeup 


When I don’t do a morning routine, I have messy hair all week. While I am a huge fan of messy hair, styling my hair and throwing some mascara on my lashes helps me feel put together and ready to tackle anything. Plus when I met with potential clients on the phone or in person I like to look nice.

Cook breakfast & a homemade latte ( if I have time) 


Skip Starbucks and make a latte at home. I realized I was spending excessive money on coffee when I could make it at home. It’s easier than you think. I make espresso on the stove. When the espresso finishes, I add in some flavored syrup you can buy at the grocery store, then I froth the milk in my milk frother and pour that on top. Meanwhile, the eggs are cooking. I like my eggs soft, and I will add butter, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and paprika. 

On days that I don’t have time to cook breakfast and a homemade latte, I will make coffee in the Keurig and grab a protein bar out the door. Some of my favorite protein bars are. 

Five-minute journal & The Daily List 


Once the coffee kicks in I am one step closer to getting started with work. I am a lengthy journaler. Journaling has always been a way to word-vomit everything I am thinking. However, I don’t need to process everything I have ever been through in the morning. Instead, I use the five-minute journal to remind myself what I am grateful for and how I hope the day will turn out. It sets my mind in a positive mood, so I start the day feeling good about my life and where I am going. 

The Daily List 

At 9 am sharp, I begin work. Each morning I make a list of all the tasks I need to accomplish during the day in the order they need to happen. Creating a morning routine helps me visually organize things, so I know what I need to be doing right away. 


The few little steps might seem small, but they have helped me tremendously. I stay on task and start the day right when I have a routine. For all my other disorganized entrepreneurs, I hope this morning routine helps. 

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