A Chilly Fall Day In The Tuscan City Of Siena, Italy

Sienna is a medieval village known for banking and horse racing. Though banking is not a spectator sport, horse racing is still a large even held in the Piazza del Campo. The air smells of pizza dough, cigarette smoke, and cold brisk air.

What To Eat-See-Do In Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy Pristine beaches, warm weather, and gorgeous hiking trails make Cinque Terre one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. What to EAT, SEE, & DO Enjoy The Colorful Buildings The buildings are colorfully unique and have been attracting tourists for years.  I have no idea what sparked the builders to useContinue reading “What To Eat-See-Do In Cinque Terre, Italy”

7 Iconic Places Of Ancient Glory In Rome, Italy

In all of its ancient glory, Rome is one place in Italy that has deep history celestial architecture. Now, unfortunately, every time people go to Rome there is simply never enough time to see everything. Therefore, if you only have a couple of days here is what you should absolutely not miss. 

Hidden Beaches In Cinque Terre You Don’t Want To Miss

Monterosso is the beach everyone thinks of when picturing Cinque Terre. However, I happened upon some dreamy beaches you won’t want to miss. Because why would anyone want to miss out on paradise? Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoyed the tourist invested beaches with vendors coming up to me trying to sell me aContinue reading “Hidden Beaches In Cinque Terre You Don’t Want To Miss”

Quick Things To Do On A Day Trip~ Montepulciano, Italy

Seeing the small towns of Italy is such a unique way to experience Italy. There are so many things to do by just strolling the streets of these tiny villages. Here is what I did for a short day trip in one of the iconic small towns in Italy of Montepulciano. Underground Wine Cellar TourContinue reading “Quick Things To Do On A Day Trip~ Montepulciano, Italy”

The Village Of Civita De Banoregio, Italy

  A City On A Hill High up on a hill stands a tiny town that houses only ten residents. From miles away people begin to gawk at its features. The village continues to amaze tourists that come through. The shutter bus took my friends and me to where the hike began. It is normallyContinue reading “The Village Of Civita De Banoregio, Italy”

Why The Small Medieval Town Of Orvieto Is A Hidden Gem Of Italy

A total of three days in Orvieto is enough to make me want to come back. Many aspects of the ancient town make it an iconic small town in Italy you will definitely want to add to your Italy itinerary. 

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