More Living Less Doing 

Growing up I used to pack a bag and pretend I was going away on a trip. My mom would drive around the block a few times, and I would imagine I was going across the country. My friends and I used to sneak out of my window and run to the woods. We would hide and pretend that we were running away, until we ran out of snacks. Then we would find our way back home.

I never have lost that spirit of exploration. My whole life I have dreamed about travel and adventure. Yet, I grew up in a small town with limited options. My family took trips every summer, and I craved living out of a suitcase. Early one I dreamed of moving, traveling, and avoiding the stability I found in my small town. Since then I always knew I wanted a job that involved travel.

When I first entered college I knew a few things I loved Jesus, I had to get my four year degree, and I absolutely did not want to live a normal life. It was first semester sophomore year when I knew I wanted to be a travel blogger. I already had a blog, but it didn’t have a lot of direction, and I didn’t have money to travel.

I began searching. Looking for places and programs that involved travel. I found a scholarship program that paid for fall and spring break trips. These trips are fully paid for and usually in a big city. I also work at an adventure center who pays for me to lead, assist, and shadow adventure trips. Through this experience I have been able to go backpacking, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, ect. All while getting paid. On the weekend I may travel and hour or two but not much more than that. I would travel longer but my care is unreliable.

You don’t have to have a lot of money in the bank, or a ton of free time to make traveling a priority. It is possible to find travel opportunities as a full time employee or student. I say if it is what you want just give it a shot.

It won’t be long until I graduate and then I can travel as often as I want. Hopefully I will be doing freelance writing and photography. If you have been keeping up with my minimalism journey, you know I am working towards having a lot less than I do. I want to live in my van after graduation. I know that when I do this I can’t take a lot of stuff with me, so I am going through the process of decluttering my life.

I have realized that my life is about sacrifices. I love having and receiving things, but I love travel and adventuremuch more. I love spending quality time with my family, but I know this journey is what I was designed to do. Part of me wants stability and clings on to the things I am certain of. But a bigger part of me is chasing after the unknown because it is far more exciting, exhilarating, and entertaining than anything else I have encountered.

Here is to the chase.

This is my life, my journey, and my story. I hope that it inspires you to write you own.