A Day Trip to the Riverfront City of New Bern



It was a short hour drive to the adorable little town overlooking the water. Here is how we spent our Saturday and my suggested itinerary for a day trip to New Bern.

11am The Park

First we stopped by the park. The city overlooks the bay, and the view was fantastic. The park was small, but I was entertained by the ducks soaking in the sun by the rocks.

11:30am Local farmers market

The sell everything from hand crafted jewelry to organically made soap. The farmers market has far more than just food. The best part about it is, it is all local. As we walked outside we saw a sheep being sheared for its wool, basically getting a haircut. What a site to see?!


12:00pm Pepsi Shop

What a walk back in time to enter the original Pepsi shop is located downtown New Bern. The cute little shop gives out samples of what Pepsi first tasted like when it originated. It is the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola. Of course I had to order a Pepsi and a popcorn, for old time sake. It was just enough to keep us going until lunch.


12:30pm Shops Downtown

The downtown district has boutiques sprinkled all around the streets. If you are looking just to browse, or for the latest fashion trends you are in the right place. Several of the stores sold hand crafted trinkets from people in the community. There were several art gallery’s we snooped out as well.


1:30pm Lunchtime

There are so many eateries in the heart of New Bern. The problem was just picking one. We settled on a restaurant called MJ’s Raw Bar and Grille, that I spotted had veggie burgers on their menu.



Click here for full menu

3:30pm Coffee Coffee Coffee

This coffee cafe is far from ordinary. When I walked in the first thing I noticed was the live music. A piano sits in the corner, available for anyone to come and play. Chairs and tables lay everywhere. Art paintings covered the wall, but there seemed to be no theme to them.


4:00pm  Tyson Palace

Unfortunately, I did not go here on this trip, but I have been before. It is a beautiful old house rich of history. Defiantly worth a look if you are in the area.

5:00pm Drive back home

After a sweet day at New Bern we drove over the long bridge back home.

There are some beautiful churches in the area.

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