Guide to your Romantic and Dreamy Weekend Excursion To Milan & Lake Como, Italy

A three-day weekend trip to Milan/Lake Como, Italy is both as romantic and dreamy as it sounds. Although Rome has the nickname the city of love Milan/Lake Como is one of the top honeymoon destinations and as cheesy as it sounds I can feel the love resonating throughout the cities. Here is what I didContinue reading “Guide to your Romantic and Dreamy Weekend Excursion To Milan & Lake Como, Italy”

Itinerary for a Charming Weekend Experience in Venice During the Winter

Venice tantalizes millions of visitors each year, and I was no different. It is mid-morning as I load my suitcase on the boat taxi. The boat is wobbly and I nearly lose my balance. In a few minutes, the boat begins to move and I am off. The cold breeze turns my face red. IContinue reading “Itinerary for a Charming Weekend Experience in Venice During the Winter”

10 Places with Awe-Inspiring Architecture in Rome, Italy

As a roman-architecture virgin, I didn’t know a building or structure could take my breath away, but in Rome I couldn’t help myself. Many of the Roman structures built hundreds of years ago are now cornerstones for architectural craftsmanship. Just like me, you won’t be able to resist marveling at the architecture in Rome, Italy.Continue reading “10 Places with Awe-Inspiring Architecture in Rome, Italy”

ULTIMATE Travel Guide to Florence, Italy

Ciao! Florence is the capital of the Tuscan region in Italy. As the home to many awe-inspiring Renaissance masterpieces, ancient cobblestone streets, and the iconic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, this city is undeniably alluring. Use this travel guide to Florence, Italy as your leading light while visiting this magical city. Visit Famous ArtContinue reading “ULTIMATE Travel Guide to Florence, Italy”

25 Times Italy will Leave you Speechless

Living in Italy for three months is a tranquil voyage of a lifetime. There are numerous stunning sites to visit throughout this little country shaped like a boot. Here are a few of my favorite spots in Italy that will leave you speechless, and make you want to visit Italy. 1.) Cinque Terre’s Waterfront HousesContinue reading “25 Times Italy will Leave you Speechless”

Everything Americans Should Know about Italy Before Living Abroad

Italy is a magical place to visit, which is why over 58 million people worldwide travel there each year. Here is Italy travel information to ensure your experience goes smoothly. 

All Things Gelato In Florence, Italy

All over Florence, the sweet, sugary, smooth taste of gelato satisfies watery mouths. Italy is the birthplace of gelato, so when visiting it is a must to sample this tasty treat. The man credited with the invention of gelato, Bernardo Buontalenti, is a Florence native. Making Florence the ideal place for gelato. 

Tackiest Tourist Pictures You Have To Take At The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most photographed places all over Europe. Travelers venture to the city to see the tower that looks like it could fall over any second, and snagging a pictures beside it. When I first saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I remember thinking to myself “that buildingContinue reading “Tackiest Tourist Pictures You Have To Take At The Leaning Tower Of Pisa”

Spending the Christmas Season in Venice, Italy

Christmas time is here, spaghetti and gondola boats are everywhere. Venice is a magical wonderland during the Christmas season. You won’t want to miss Venice at Christmas time. Holiday lights dangle underneath walkways and Christmas music can be heard in stores and in restaurants. History of Venice Venice is a unique place primarily because ofContinue reading “Spending the Christmas Season in Venice, Italy”

A Day Trip To The Wonderland Of Burano Should Be Added To Your Venice Itinerary

In the midst of awe-struck tourists, like myself,  there is a local culture of Burano. I see fishermen coming home from a day’s work in their boots, laundry hangs outside windows on a line, and locals greet one another by exclaiming “Ciao”.

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