The Most Essential Purchase For Travel Photographers

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Travel photography comes with some limitations. Unfortunately, DSLR cameras are not indestructible.

Camera lenses are made of glass, which can break easily. My photography professor recommended a buying UV lens at the beginning of the semester. Taking her advice I purchase one, but I have no idea how good of a purchase it is.

Walking around to the local community of Basso with a camera in hand my friends and I search for something interesting to photograph.

The whole time my friend Miranda is throwing chestnuts. Apparently, they grow in Tuscan Italy even during the winter months.

After not much luck in capturing anything special, I sit down and start to snap photos of my friends.

Miranda continues to throw chestnuts with terribly bad aim.



Her aim became that of a professional baseball player…








The moment right before


IMG_0727.jpgCamera lenses are expensive. You are looking at a couple of hundred dollar replacement. In this chestnut debacle, only my UV lens cracked and my camera lenses left completely undamaged.

A UV lens is such a great purchase because it does two things. It filters out harsh light hitting your lens, making your photos better. More importantly, a UV lens is shock absorbent and acts as a protective buffer.

As a travel photographer, there are so many instances where I almost break my lens. Accidentally dropping it or bumping into a wall happens all the time. As much as I try to care for my camera, mistakes happen, and I want to be prepared.

Having a UV lens saved my camera lens from a total replacement. Both my camera and my bank account are thankful. Now, I would never go on another shot without one attached to my camera lens. With Christmas around the corner, and at only $20, every photographer should buy one too.


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