Why The Small Medieval Town Of Orvieto Is A Hidden Gem Of Italy

A total of three days in Orvieto is enough to make me want to come back. Many aspects of the ancient town make it an iconic small town in Italy you will definitely want to add to your Italy itinerary.

Medieval style architecture

The original structure of Orvieto was built in 1290. Most of the buildings are built with a mosaic facade. Walking through the city feels like I am walking back in time. Every building crafted with ornate design and architectural purpose.IMG_2345

Local bars and restaurants

I am blown away by some of the fantastic food Italy has to offer, and Orvieto does not disappoint. From rich pasta to sweet desserts each dish is as mouthwatering as the last.


My favorite dessert I had in Orvieto from Trattoria del Moro Anne

Right around the corner from the Granda Italia Hotel, there is a bar that several of the people from my group enjoyed. With wide drink selection and an outdoor patio, this is a great place to spend the evening.  The bartender also spoke English, which was a perk to the experience.


Unique caves under the city

I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea that underground caves can be found throughout the city.  In fact, all of these manmade caves were once the working spaces Etruscan.  before they were driven out by the Romans. Now, these caves are 2500 years old and they still amaze all of their visitors.

Battlefront infrastructure

Who doesn’t like to see a fort built on top of a massive hill? The view from the top looking down on the city below is quite entertaining.




Shopping and markets

Italians have great style and their clothing shops are spot on. Walking around trying on shoes, plaid pants, and snacking on dried fruit there are lots of places to purchase unique items. On Wednesday morning there is a market in the square that has an amazing selection of local products.

The Duomo Cathedral 

The Orvieto’s gothic style Duomo Cathedral will make you want to stare up towards the sky. I couldn’t help but marvel at the colors surrounding the entrance of the cathedral.

Make no mistake, this building is no facade. The inside is just as dramatic and impressive on the inside. You will want to take your time walking through Orvieto’s largest cathedrals. With high ceilings and paintings that tell the stories in the bible, you will be why this cathedral is a direct representation of Italian beauty and art.

The Duomo simply means the largest cathedral in the city. There is another church in Orvieto done by the same architect, but that church is much simpler and smaller.



There are not many tourists

Not many people know how lovely the city of Orvieto is. Get in while you can, because I have a feeling more people are going to catch on to this cities charm.

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