The Village Of Civita De Banoregio, Italy



A City On A Hill

High up on a hill stands a tiny town that houses only ten residents. From miles away people begin to gawk at its features. The village continues to amaze tourists that come through.

The shutter bus took my friends and me to where the hike began. It is normally a thirty-minute walk from the parking lot. (The parking lot is one of the only places with a restroom. Even though it costs 0.50Euro I would suggest utilizing it while you can).

The walk is steep. I am drenched in sweat by the time I get halfway to the top. Once I am there the view looking down below makes the journey worth the sweat.

Overlooking the valley on the hilltop


Several shops occupy Civita De Banoregio. I stopped in a perfume shop where my friends and I chatted with the owner, and she showed us the aromas she made herself.

Next, I strolled by the cathedral. I am surprised that in a village so small there is a Cathedral.  With high ceilings, fresh flowers and leaves specifically placed on the floor, and holy water off to the left this church has a sacred feel. People sit in pews and pray. The whole place is quiet.


Lunchtime in the Village

Lunch in Banoregio is simply divine. Authentic pasta noodles drizzled in pesto, homemade tomato sauce, and topped with almond slices. Not to mention a delicious appetizer beforehand that consisted of bread topped with hummus, fresh tomatoes, and cabbage spread. The bread covered with tomatoes honestly tasted like pizza. The tomatoes were that good.

Delicious homemade pasta with pesto and marinara. Mamma Mia!

The summertime is a lively place for Banoregio, except for the hours between one and four when it is siesta time. Fewer tourists come in the winter. Snow can cover the pathway leading up to the village. If you plan on visiting this unique place I suggest going in warmer weather, or at least when there is no chance of snow.

The Civita De Bagnoregio only has ten residents, but I wonder if they have room for one more. With those breathtaking views, I wouldn’t mind making Bagnoregio home. Well, maybe only for a month or two. 😉

Love, Morgan

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