Quick Things To Do On A Day Trip~ Montepulciano, Italy

Seeing the small towns of Italy is such a unique way to experience Italy. There are so many things to do by just strolling the streets of these tiny villages. Here is what I did for a short day trip in one of the iconic small towns in Italy of Montepulciano.

Underground Wine Cellar Tour



I can’t believe that some wine sits for thirty years before it is opened, but hey I am no wine connoisseur. Touring the wine cellar/museum of medieval times is a cool opportunity to see how wine is stored. The self-guided tour takes no time at all. There are two big perks of walking through the free tour. One there is a free public restroom at the beginning. Bathrooms are really hard to come by, and most places want you to buy something first. Secondly, there is a free wine and cheese tasting at the end.

Free Wine Tasting

All over the city, you will see signs that say free wine tasting. These are not a scam. They really are free wine tastings, with the hope that you will buy something. However, you don’t have to. I wanted to buy some wine and ship it to my parents, but you had to buy twelve cases of wine to get free shipping. So while the free wine tasting is no scam, the free shipping certainly is.

Shoe Shop Around Town


There are so many places to purchase some fantastic footwear, souvenirs, and delicious wine. Almost everyone in my group bought a pair of shoes, most reasonably priced too. I think it is fun to just window shop and attempt to chat with locals.

Grab A Slice Of Pizza To Go


This pizza is my first slice of Italian style pizza, and I was not disappointed. I think my favorite part is that we could take it to go. I eat on the go all the time back in the States. It was nice to chow down while walking around.

Check Out The Panoramic Views



The city is on an incline. I have no idea how cars navigate through the city without stalling. My goal was to make it to the top. That did not happen, but I got fairly close. The town overlooks the iconic Tuscan rolling hills. A view you certainly do not want to miss. There will be a brown sign saying ‘panoramic views’, follow the sign or the crowd of people and you will find the views worth drooling over. I hope you get the chance to enjoy the small towns of Italy.


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  2. […] Quick Things To Do On A Day Trip~ Montepulciano, Italy […]

  3. […] Quick Things To Do On A Day Trip~ Montepulciano, Italy […]

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