Everything Americans Should Know about Italy Before Living Abroad

Italy is a magical place to visit, which is why over 58 million people worldwide travel there each year. Here is Italy travel information to ensure your experience goes smoothly. 

Hidden Beaches In Cinque Terre You Don’t Want To Miss

Monterosso is the beach everyone thinks of when picturing Cinque Terre. However, I happened upon some dreamy beaches you won’t want to miss. Because why would anyone want to miss out on paradise? Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoyed the tourist invested beaches with vendors coming up to me trying to sell me aContinue reading “Hidden Beaches In Cinque Terre You Don’t Want To Miss”

Why The Small Medieval Town Of Orvieto Is A Hidden Gem Of Italy

A total of three days in Orvieto is enough to make me want to come back. Many aspects of the ancient town make it an iconic small town in Italy you will definitely want to add to your Italy itinerary. 

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