25 Times Italy will Leave you Speechless

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Living in Italy for three months is a tranquil voyage of a lifetime. There are numerous stunning sites to visit throughout this little country shaped like a boot. Here are a few of my favorite spots in Italy that will leave you speechless, and make you want to visit Italy.

1.) Cinque Terre’s Waterfront Houses

If you didn’t want to visit Italy before, you will now. The aroma of lemon and pesto fumigates Cinque Terre’s city streets. Smell aside, the sights are what amaze guests. These colorful homes melt into on another in an array of vibrance and texture unlike any architecture ever seen before.


2.) Ancient Roman Coliseum

The colosseum where Roman gladiator flights were held will amaze visitors. This is one of the most iconic locations in Italy. If you have seen any pictures of Italy, it is likely that the coliseium was one of them. The ancient Roman Coliseium gives visitors a gimpse of what life what like in Rome a century ago.

Rome - Visit Italy
Rome Coliseum

3.) Fall in Lucca

Lucca is a quaint little town in Italy that is a complete dream in the fall. The leaves are bright red and orange. The circular bike path surrounding the city perfect for a workout on a cool afternoon.

Fall in Lucca, Italy
Autumn leaves in Lucca

4.) The Duomo in Orvieto

In almost every city in Italy there is a Duomo in the center. The Duomo in Orvieto, however, is particularly spectacular. Once you see it, your jaw will drop. The exterior is golden and painted with bright designs. Not to mention the interesting ginormous column inside.

Why The Small Medieval Town Of Orvieto Is A Hidden Gem Of Italy


5.) Train Station in Milan

Unlike other train station in Italy, Milan’s train station’s dramatic entryway looks like you are arriving at Hogwarts academy.


6.) Piazza De Campa in Siena

A chilly fall day in Siena Italy is sight to behold. The Piazza De Campa is where horse-races occur every summer. Even though I went at the wrong time of year to catch the spectacle horse-racing the Piazza is impressive.


7.) Rolling Hills of Tuscany in Certaldo, Alto

The rolling hills of Tuscany are seen from the medieval city set on a hill -Certaldo Alto. The quaint village of around one-hundred and fifty residents showcases the small town culture of Italy. Delicious authentic Italy food with breathtaking views are what visitors come from miles to see in Certaldo Alto.


8.) Dodge’s Palace, Venice

The Dodge’s Palace, where governmental meetings and procedures used to take place, is now a place of spellbinding architecture and the walls are decorated with creations of world-renown painters.

The Doge Palace in Venice

9.) The David by Michelangelo in Florence

The David is one of the most famous sculptures of all time. Art students come from all over to admire the statue and in all it’s glory and magnitude. When you see it your jaw will drop. The David is so intricacy and brilliantly sculpted you almost forget he is naked.


10.) Colorful Wonderland Burano

The wonderland of Burano is an island you have to see to believe. Only a short boat ride away from the heart of Venice, you can’t miss this. Burano is a fascinating city with a unique local culture. Many residents are fisherman.

Burano Italy Venice

Burano, Italy visit Italy

11.) Leaning Tower of Pisa

If you think you are having a bad day, just think of the designer that created what is known as one of the biggest architectural disasters of all time. When you see for the first time your gut will clench, fearing the tower will fall, but I can assure you that this building has been standing for hundreds of years. It is not falling any time soon.


12.) Architecture and street vendors in Bo

Some of my friends thought I was joking when I said I visited a city called Boloniga, because it sounds so similar to the American word for boloni. However, there is nothing American about Boloniga. Street vendors sell local art and I purchased the most lovely one of a kind ring.


13.) The Duomo in Milan

Like is Gucci in the fashion capital of the world, but besides the clothing the architecture also has impeccable style. This gothic-style cathedral is a majestic masterpiece in the heart of Milano.


14.) Taking a boat or ferry ride from Positano’s beachfront

Positano’s colorful cliffside village offers luxurious ocean-front views that make this city an ideal place for a posh outing.


15.) Sunset over the Amalfi Coast

The cliff along the Amalfi Coast is a view you have only seen in the movies. As I watch the sun set over the cliffs along the Amalfi Coast is a vision.


16.) Dreamy lakeside views of Lake Como

Lake Como is a hot spot for honeymooners, and I can see why. Lake Como is both romanic and dreamy. IMG_5704.jpg

17.) The Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Prisoners crossed the Bridge of Sighs to enter the gruesome dungeons of Venice. As the captive inmates peaked out over the bridge and would sigh with despair as they saw lovers ride by in a gondola in the canal below.


18.) Paradise-like beaches in Cinque-Terre

Visiting a beach in Cinque Terre is paradise. Corniglia beach is particularly ideal because secluded and away from the crowds at the other beaches in Cinque Terre.

visit Italy in Cinque Terre

19.) Ponte dell’Accademia Bridge in Venice at night

In order to watch the lights of boats illuminate the waterways Ponte dell’Academica Bridge is the best to see at night.

visit Italy- Venice

20.) The bustling city streets of Florence, Italy

Florence is a lively city laced with ancient beauty. The streets are distinguishable. Once you see them you will recognize them in every photo of Florence.

Although the city is incredible, there are a few things not to do in Florence. 

visit Italy- Florence

21.) St. Mark’s Basilica & Church

When visiting Italy, Venice is a must on the check list. St. Mark’s Basilica is in the heart of Venice. St. Mark’s Basilica is rumored to have the body of St. Mark. Although I wouldn’t find this too impressive. Over fifty churches across Italy claim to have his body. What truly makes the gold ceilings and rooftop views over the plaza. The Basilica is covered with Christmas lights during the holiday season.

Christmas Time In Venice, Italy


22.) Galleria de Milano

Don’t be fooled, the Galleria de Milano is no ordinary mall. The Galleria is home to high-end brand stores such as Prada, Gucci, and Coach, but what really makes this place unique is the extravagant high ceilings and decorated floors.


23.) Architecture of local houses

Unlike local homes in America, Italian homes have been standing for hundreds of years. The ancient architecture has withstood through time, and it is a beauty to behold. These homes often do not have regular air-conditioning as in America. Instead Italians simply open the windows and let the breeze flow in. Italian houses

24.) Views overlooking the city of Florence

The short hike is worth the gorgeous views overlooking the city. Since Florence is in a valley the mountains behind the city sets the scene for a truly breath-taking sight. In fact this is the same view of Kim Kardashion-West’s Wedding, so you know it is a glamours sight.

Florence- visit Italy

25.) Lunch on the hill of Civita di Bagnoregio

This medieval city on a hill, blew me away.  With only ten local residents Civita di Bagnoregio gives a taste of small town Italian culture. Not to mention the restaurant was some of the best food I ate during my three months in Italy.

visit Italy- Civita di Bagnoregio

If you weren’t convinced before I hope these 25 spots give you enough reasons to visit Italy.

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