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gelato in Florence

All over Florence, the sweet, sugary, smooth taste of gelato satisfies watery mouths. Italy is the birthplace of gelato, so when visiting it is a must to sample this tasty treat. The man credited with the invention of gelato in the sixteenth century, Bernardo Buontalenti, is a Florence native. Making Florence the ideal place for gelato. 

During the warmer months is the best time to grab a gelato. I enjoyed the creamy taste of this frozen dessert, while I was in Italy. Before you even get on a plane to go to Italy you should already have eating gelato on your travel list of things to do, but where would you buy one?

It is true there are gelato shops or gelaterias on every block in Florence, so here how can you ensure that you are getting the most delicious gelato you were promised.

Don’t buy stacked ice cream

It seems counterintuitive, but the fanciest looking gelaterias don’t have the best gelato. The shops leave the gelato in stacks for hours at a time. By the time you buy it the gelato is old and loses its original taste and flavor.

It’s different than ice cream & it’s tasty

This light and fluffy texture mixed with the rich taste make this frozen desert simply scrumptious. Surprisingly, gelato typically has fewer calories and grams of fat than ice cream. It’s creamier and melts in your mouth. Now I don’t want to say that gelato is better than ice cream, but the texture is creamier and it is served 10-15 degrees warmer than ice cream.

Explore new flavors

There are some interesting flavors in Italy such as pistachio and fig. Explore some new flavors. You never know you could find out that you like it the best.

Don’t buy too close to popular areas

Usually, shops nearest the main populated areas are unnecessarily overpriced. Walk a little farther out and you will find cheaper gelato with the same taste.

Ask before you buy

The word gelato means frozen in Italian. Practice your Italian by asking about flavors, sizes, and prices. Sampling some gelato is a great idea too. It ensures that you will like the gelato, while also practicing your fluency in the language.

Not all the flavors are labeled, so before you buy a large in the flavor you think resembles chocolate taste it to make sure. You will thank me later.

Stay away from cones on a hot day

I found out quickly that I am unable to have a gelato cone without spilling it all over myself. When the weather is warm and the gelato is melting faster than I can eat it, the whole thing just turns into a giant mess. Save yourself the trouble and just enjoy your gelato in a cup.


Here are some of my favorite gelato shops in Florence, Italy.


“More Agains” – Gelateria’s I (Morgan) would visit again

Gelateria Edoardo

Located right next to the Duomo this pricey gelateria is worth the expense. Offering organic and vegan options this is a great shop for a healthier alternative.

best gelato in Florence Italy
vegan almond gelato

Gelateria Edoardo


Gelateria Santa Trinita 

Situated across from the Aro River, this gelateria has some of my favorite gelatos. The soft serve gelato is served in many delicious flavors.

gelato in Italy
pistachio & fig gelato

Gelateria Santa Trinita


Gelateria Ambrosia

This gelateria is a little further off on the beaten path, but nevertheless, the gelato is simply the creamiest.

blackberry gelato in Florence Italy
blackberry gelato

When in doubt always buy gelato in Florence, Italy. It is always worth it.

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