10 Places to Find Sweet Treats & Cappuccinos​ In Georgetown

The Historic downtown Georgetown is known for eateries, tasty treats, and coffee. Summer is a great time to see the sugary side of DC, and Georgetown has a slew of bakeries, dessert bars, and coffee joints to enjoy. Since I eat mainly vegan, you can ensure I have checked out the places with dietary options.Continue reading “10 Places to Find Sweet Treats & Cappuccinos​ In Georgetown”

All Things Gelato In Florence, Italy

All over Florence, the sweet, sugary, smooth taste of gelato satisfies watery mouths. Italy is the birthplace of gelato, so when visiting it is a must to sample this tasty treat. The man credited with the invention of gelato, Bernardo Buontalenti, is a Florence native. Making Florence the ideal place for gelato. 

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