10 Places to Find Sweet Treats & Cappuccinos​ In Georgetown

The Historic downtown Georgetown is known for eateries, tasty treats, and coffee. Summer is a great time to see the sugary side of DC, and Georgetown has a slew of bakeries, dessert bars, and coffee joints to enjoy. Since I eat mainly vegan, you can ensure I have checked out the places with dietary options.

Here are ten places to satisfy your sweet tooth or having that morning cup of coffee.

1.) Blue Bottle Cafe

Dietary Options- Non-dairy milk (oat & almond)
Speciality- cappuccinos & croissants
Enjoying rich oat milk cappuccinos or flaky croissants in Blue Bottle’s bright and spacious atmosphere is great for conversations or getting work done. With their top notch beans Blue Bottle Cafe offers a unique blends of coffee that perks up any morning.

Oak milk cappuccino at Blue Bottle Cafe

2.) Baked & Wired

Dietary Options- Vegan oreo cookies & cream cupcake, gluten free cookies
Speciality- gourmet cupcakes
Any of Baked & Wired’s wide variety of famous cupcakes, brownies, or cookies is a treat.  This family owned coffee and cake shop has vegan & gluten free options, so there is a dessert for everyone. Every day is a fresh selection of baked goods, so don’t be surprised if they don’t have the same flavor two days in a row.

3.) Bluestone Lane

Dietary Options- Non-dairy milk
Speciality- avocado toast & gourmet lattes
With several locations all over America Bluestone Lane is known for bright spaces, avocado toast, and delicious cappuccinos. The coffee baristas brew their coffee like an art form by creating shapes and designs in the foam.

Oak milk cappuccino with heart design

4.) Georgetown Cupcakes

Dietary Options– Vegan Carrot Cake, gluten free peanut butter fudge (or whatever the special is for the day).
Speciality– Cupcakes
Don’t let the long line deter you from enjoying one of these famous mouthwatering cupcakes. As seen on TV Georgetown Cupcakes is known for its yummy baked goods. The line moves really quickly even on a busy day so be sure to pop in for a cupcake while in Georgetown.

5.) The Dough Jar

Dietary Options- Vegan chocolate chip cookie dough
Speciality- edible cookie dough
Guilt and salmonella- free cookie dough. This sugary, thick-textured treat brings me back to my childhood memories of sneaking out of bed to the fridge at night looking for the Tollhouse cookie dough in the fridge. This time, eating all the cookie dough I want is allowed!

6.) Cafe Georgetown

Dietary Options- (oak & almond milk)
Speciality- Latte Art
The regal blue painted on the walls makes anyone who enters this local coffee shop feel like royalty. The home-brewed coffee is the perfect way to wake up in the morning.  The way the barrista’s brew coffee is an art. If you get the special latte the staff with create a design on the top of the coffee for you. This is a luxurious way to enjoy a cappuccino or iced cold brew, and the staff are friendly and helpful if you don’t know what kind of coffee you are looking to order.

7.) Sugar Lab

Dietary Options- Four flavors of non-dairy sorbet, four flavors of ice cream made with soy milk, gluten free and vegan waffle cones available
Specialty– soft serve gelato
Walking downstairs into the cute little shop Sugar Lab is a hidden sweet spot in Georgetown.They have eight vegan gelato options to choose from. I sampled the peanut butter chocolate, but since it is so hot outside I had to choose the blueberry lemonade. This light sweet treat is perfect way to cool off on one of the swelteringly hot summer days in DC.

8.) Grace Street Coffee 

Dietary Options- Non-dairy milk (oat and almond)
Speciality- Iced vanilla latte

Grace Street Coffee has a open airy vibe to the atmosphere that makes you want to order a cup of coffee and stay a while. Most customers do exactly that. Dogs and pets are welcome, and the coffee is brewed to caffeination heaven. If you are looking for a local coffee joint to get an authentic flavor of DC Grace Street Coffee is the place to go. 

9.) Dog Tag Bakery

Dietary Options- vegetarian lunch menu, gluten free cookies
Specialty- baked goods
Dog Tag Bakery has many sweet treats to choose from. Going for a simple cookie is never a bad idea. The flavors to pick from are snickerdoodle, lemon, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and chocolate. The best part about this establishment isn’t what they are selling, but the mission behind the business. Dog Tag Bakery donates all its proceeds to veteran programs and helps employe veterans, military spouses, and caregivers.

Sugar cookies from Dog Tag Bakery
The selection of cookies Dog Tag Bakery has to offer

10.) Sprinkles

Dietary Restrictions: vegan & gluten free
Speciality: cupcakes
A 100% vegan red velvet cupcake with coconut cream icing is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. Peeking in the back you can see where the magic happens as staff make cupcakes and lather on the icing. If you are in the mood for a sugar overload Sprinkles is certainly the place to come.


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