Vegetarian Eateries in the French Market, Louisiana

Eating is one of the biggest parts about going on a trip. It can be difficult to navigate where to eat with eleven other individuals. I found that going to the French Market was often quick, simple, and delicious. Here are a few places to check out if you get a little hungry in the French Market.

Meals from the Heart Cafe 

This food shop is my go-to for yummy healthy food. The menu consists of New Orlean’s classics. Po-boys, crab-cakes, and gumbo are all great choices. I got the crab-cake po-boy with a side of potatoes. The coolest thing is that the dish contained no animals or animal products. This is a must-hit for all my vegetarians and vegans.


Girls Gone Vegan Sweet Treats

Gone Vegan cakes, cookies, and brownies are sold in stores all over New Orleans, especially in coffee shops.

As a vegan, I don’t eat a ton of sweets, but boy these were worth every calorie.


Crepe Cart 

Crepes are glorified pancakes. You can put anything on them. Nutella. Peanut butter. Cheese. Spinach. Chicken. I had cashew cheese, spinach, and tomatoes on mine.

The Crepe Cart is one of the best vegetarian eateries in the French Market. They take it a step further and offer several vegan options as well.

The Crepe Cart- vegetarian eateries in French Market


The Gazebo Cafe 

The Gazebo Cafe is one of my favorites. With live jazz in the background, a large list of daiquiris to choose from, and a menu loaded with Louisiana’s favorites this restaurant is a great choice.

Muffuletta sandwiches stuffed with veggies, covered in olive oil and spices, and salted with green olives. Usually, Muffuletta has ham, salami, and turkey in them. I just asked for it without meat. Gazebo cafe is a great place to go if you are looking for a lot of different options to accommodate everyone.

The Gazebo Cafe- vegetarian food in New Orleans

Rocket Fizz

Okay, so this is not a food place. But I would 100% recommend you check out this neat shop right next to the French Market. They have every kind of soda you can imagine.

I tried a carrot cake soda that may have fizzled and bubbled, but otherwise tasted exactly like a carrot cake. I really like the carrot cake one. It smelled exactly like the carrot cake my sister makes.

eateries in French Market - Rocket Fizz


Hope you enjoy eating your way the vegetarian eateries in the French Market.



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